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I am planning to use a novatel oemv receiver as the GPS for my plane. I am using arduplane 2.78 and APM 2.5 

I know that ardupilot is happy even with nmea. The question is which $gp... Sentences are enough to be activated in order to do the job.

Thank you

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  • I am back i am also trying to pass the nmea data to apmplane 3.1 with no success. I have a novatel oemv2 l12 receiver. I configured the correct baud rate etc but no luck. I also enabled all the available nmea sentences through the great and very helpfull lefebure conf utility. It is strange as i configured an old lea-4t receiver to output nmea and it worked with the apmplane.....

    I will test again the next days and i will report.

    • Napoleon, can you post some of the NMEA strings of the LEA-4T?
      • 08:11:10 $GPDTM,W84,,0.0,N,0.0,E,0.0,W84*6F
        08:11:10 $GPRMC,081110.00,A,3716.04386,N,02309.32730,E,0.020,251.41,251114,,,A*63
        08:11:10 $GPVTG,251.41,T,,M,0.020,N,0.037,K,A*38
        08:11:10 $GPGGA,081110.00,3716.04386,N,02309.32730,E,1,08,1.62,21.2,M,34.3,M,,*6A
        08:11:10 $GPGSA,A,3,29,15,22,16,18,19,21,27,,,,,2.73,1.62,2.21*0F
        08:11:10 $GPGSV,3,1,09,29,05,119,28,15,13,058,44,22,64,179,34,14,03,155,25*7E
        08:11:10 $GPGSV,3,2,09,16,57,248,39,18,62,072,46,19,23,308,37,21,44,055,42*79
        08:11:10 $GPGSV,3,3,09,27,52,318,35*4E
        08:11:10 $GPGLL,3716.04386,N,02309.32730,E,081110.00,A,A*67
        08:11:10 $GPGRS,081110.00,1,-2.3,-0.9,1.4,0.1,1.0,1.8,-0.3,,,,*6F
        08:11:10 $GPGST,081110.00,1.7,,,,2.0,1.5,3.0*73
        08:11:10 $GPZDA,081110.00,25,11,2014,00,00*6F

        samble of nmea output from my lea-4t

        • Hi Jason, All,

          I am writing because I've been experiencing similar issues. In particular, I am using the APM2.5 with GPS NMEA and it does not work with the latest version of the flight  controller firmware, it says “NO GPS”. However, the same GPS works fine with older versions of the firmware, e.g., before May 2014, it say “GPS: 3D Fix”.

          Jason or anyone else, have you solved the problems about the GPS with NMEA strings?

  • I am now trying with a Novatel FlexPak6 (Leica GNSS have Novatel boards so it is the same messages anyway). 

    I have tried with GGA, RMC & VTG. I have read numerous different posts stating different message types so if anyone can give me a definitive answer would be appreciated.

    Baud set to 38400,N,8,1,N


    APM2.6 (Pins Right to Left) -> GNSS DB9 Male (Pin assignments from User Manual)

    Pin 1 (Red Wire) VCC - Not connected

    Pin 2 TX -> Pin 2 RX

    Pin 3 RX -> Pin 3 TX

    Pin 4 - Not connected

    Pin 5 GND -> DB9 Pin 5 GND

    Sample of the NMEA output


    • Could the precision of the data be the issue?

      I was looking at the output in the CLI and all I was getting was "............"

      I accidentally touched the RX/TX pins and then I got "NMEA Lat: 0, Lon 0, Alt: 0m, #sats: 0"  Whilst the pins touch, I get this repeatedly but as soon as they are not touching it goes back to dots across the screen.

      I tried it again with GGA, RMC, GSV, & GSA, same result.  I tested it with NMEAParser and all the data is there.3702531808?profile=original


  • John,

    ArduRover v2.46

    I have tried GP & GN. I can easily define this in my GNSS unit. I have also set my GNSS to GPS only. I will save some sample data and post it on Monday.

    Is there anyone in the Brisbane, Australia, region that would like to come around and give me a hand? I pay in Beer or Bourbon! :-)
  • I am keen to find out how to get this working. I am using a Leica GNSS receiver in a large rover project but I can't get it to read the nmea. I have it at 38400, sending GGA, GSV & GSA @ 5hz. I have checked the output with Putty and it all appears correctly but APM2.6 will not use it. I have set the GPS type to "5".
    • Jason,

      What is the talker id in the messages? GP, GN, GL?

    • Which version of firmware are you trying with? I know on Arducopter 3.2rc11 I can't use NMEA anymore.

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