Hi everyone, I searched this problem and there were a few hits. I've successfully calibrated the acceleration and compass but get blank bars when doing the Radio Calibration.  The radio is bound to the RX and all servos work.  I got HUD and GPS lock but can't proceed with initial setup without the radio calibration.

I'm using Pixhawk PX4 

MP 1.3.34

Arduplane 3.4.0

Taranis + 9XD (XJT module not yet installed)

X8R Reciever

Zeta Science FX79 Buffalo Flying Wing

One person who solved their problem reversed throttle on the radio.  Not sure how to do this on the Taranis.

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  • Make sure you are plugging in the X8R into the S.Bus on the RX side and the RC.IN [NOT] the S.Bus on the pixhawk.

    • yup, that's how she's set up.

      do I plug my servos into the RX or the pixhawk main out?

      • You should power your servos via either your ESC's ubec or via an external ubec then run the signal/gnd from the ubec to AUX pins


        • Any further thoughts on the radio calibration?  I'm stuck on this at the moment and can't move past.

          • some pics of your current setup would be useful.

            • I made a couple of videos:

              1. Initialization of the Pixhawk and bound X*R

              2. Mission Planner HUD and GPS view and Radio Calibration page

              • you are plugging in the wire to the RX in the wrong place. it needs to go on the bottom where it says S.Bus3702912393?profile=original

                the way you have it you're trying to use PWM and hawks do not support PWM

                • Thanks Craig, this got the radios calibrated.  Now when I plug servos into the Pixhawk I get no reaction like when it's plugged into the RX.  

                  I tried Martin's setup but nada.

                  • Did you hold down the red flashing arming button to arm the servos?

                    It's normal convention to have your elevons on channels 1 & 2 and the throttle on channel 3, not just from the servo main outs but also on the transmitter, I don't have a taranis but you should change your channels on your transmitter to follow that convention.

                    Also note that your transmitter should be set on normal aeroplane  mode with no fancy elevon mixing, (and definitely not helicopter mode) the pixhawk will do the mixing for you.

                    here is a link to the elevon set up section in the wiki. 

                  • http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/arduplane-setup/

                    head on over to that link and run down the info. I'm not a fixed wing flyer so I fear I can do little to help with the servos as I have never hooked one up before :(

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