Dear All,

I am developing UAV for Mapping. I use Canon Camera (SX260HS)+CHDK to trigger the camera based on time interval (intervalometer script) and based on distance (E38 script), both was working well.

Now, I want to use another brand of camera (i.e., Sony, Nikon, Canon without CHDK..etc) but I still have no idea how to trigger it. I have read there are part/component who could trigger with infrared, but I put it as a last option.

I want to modify camera connection by cable to PixHawk and setup the camera trigger based on distance in Mission Planner. If somebody already did it and success, please share the wiring diagram.. 

Thanks in advance...

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Hi, an answer to your question can be given if the camera model is known. Everycamera triggers differently.

Hi Hugues, I have Canon SX260HS, and considering to buy new Sony RX100 III..


I am very much interested too. I will buy a Sony RX100 II soon.

Thank you !

Confirmed, I use Sony RX100 II and Gentles cable on Pixhawk : work great

From what i understand, gentles cable use IR to trigger sony cameras right?

There are lots of option for IR trigger (eg: stratosnapper), but it has significant delay that make camera from sony nex 5 series couldn't be triggered faster than 4 s interval.

I think what opiq looking for is trigger other than IR method. Using servo to trigger the shutter might be an option as the camera speed limit will be more than 10fps on manual focus

Gentles uses usb. There is mo IR on Sony RX100 2.

I usually shot at 2-3 seconds interval, flying at 5 m/s with 80% overlap.

I can fire the Sony NEX-7 at about .7 secs using the Hobbyking IR emitter. For reliability we have modded the shutter button to fire by wire.

That's nice, can you share the mod? I've been looking of how to trigger nex5 using usb.

From the sensor size perspective, nex series is better than rxIII, have you ever compare the image quality between those 2 camera?


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