I m trying to connect my optical flow sensor to my APM 2.5 but having a very hard time.


I have successfully uploaded the pde test file and install the python 2.7 and uploaded the python script successfully but nothing I send in a I and a M and no data is returned.


I was afraid the low light was an issue so I used LED's and I turned the lens in and out over and over again and nothing.



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It is plugged in as in the described as here


the test sketch AP_OpticalFlow_test.pde is uploaded to the APM

So what do you say, I must upload arducopter first and then the test sketch? Because all I did is connected the APM and upload the test sketch. 

No I haven't uploaded a version, I recon if I used a version it would be the latest on the mission planner.

Must I download the latest arducopter code and import the library and then reupload the test sketch?

So what is the steps?

1. Download ArduCopter 2.9b from the repository

2. Upload it thru Arduino IDE

3. Upload optical flow test pde (I was under the impression if you upload this it will override the previous code set)

4. Use the python to test the optical flow.

Ok I have uploaded the arducopter 2.9b and went to the CLI to test the optflow but it just gives 0's on the output.

Hi, i've always wondering whether the connection is correct. The VCC is connected to Ground on the APM, while the Ground on the OF is connected to Signal, is this correct or it's a mistake? It really bothers me. please contact me via email  zhangzyhack@126.com

Hi, two days back I tested my optical flow sensor with APM2.5 and its working quite well and even I'm able to grab the images. If you guys have any doubts feel free to ask me.


can you please post all details and images regarding your setup?

Even what you did in the mission planner and what versions you are running.

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