I have purchased the Phantom 2 this week and the unit powers off and has fallin from the flight to the ground, please help


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You are paying in wrong Forum, no DJI toys here. :)

Hi Jason

Try lowering your low voltage settings or just turn it off.

Br Tim

This is a DIY forum..... Nothing about DJI products are DIY. DIY = Do it yourself

I bet many of us have built and flown DJI F450 or other DJI Frames, no?
DJI is not only Phantoms and proprietary flight controllers.
It's also frames on which we can mount our arducopters FC and any component you choose.

thank you guys, I am sorry I thought all types of drones were discussed here, my apologies


thank you guys, I am sorry I thought all types of drones were discussed here, my apologies

No problem Jason.
Keep an eye on what's going on here with arducopter.
Soon you may want to get your hands dirty and build yourself a new copter :-)
You'll find everything you need here.
Believe me, as someone who started with a Parrot, I can guarantee, building your own quad and learning in the process is extremely rewarding and fun.

I have to disagree with some ppl here... if you want to fix it yourself, isn't that DIY ?

Plus... in the Quadcopters description it says "Discussion about autonomous multi-rotor vehicles", does it say anywhere "No DJI" ?


Jason Morin, please don't get discouraged by some of the people here, but unfortunatelly I don't know the answer to your problem, I just wanted to rant about some of the replies here.

I agree with Michael I am sorry that you have not been gently welcomed here.

Perhaps you could add some more detail, at face value it sounds like a battery problem.

Jason- Does it go all the way off or do the motor just turn off? If its just the motors (and lights under arms) than you are on immediate cutoff (motors stop when throttle = 0). In the naza software you can change from immediate to intelligent so the motors wont stop at 0, but when you land.

Hope that helps, ignore the h8ters. Its pretty lame people would take the time and tell you not to ask your questions here in response to your questions.

Jason, I Just joined today and  was about to ask a question about my Phantom 2.....until I saw how you were shouted down by these people.  Let's face it, they are better than us because we own Phantom's.  Cancel my membership.  

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