does any one know what is the price for the Piccolo UAV system 

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I believe about $12K for a basic setup with an SL, a Desktop GCS, and a dev kit.

dam are there any other uav system that come close to it but are under 10k

Now that you mention is the Piccolo II might be the cheapest "industry grade" autopilot

I asked recently and was given an approximate answer.  The basic autopilot (I assume thats the SL) is $25k Australian ($1AUD is roughly $1USD), but then you need the ground control station, software etc to bring it to roughly $35k.  The top of the range I was told would total $65k, which is some serious coin.

The micropilot autopilot is about $9k, then when you add the ground control station etc, it will come to $12k.

Maybe look into the Procerus Technologies Kestrel autopilot.  According their website the Kestrel 2.4 runs about 5K and GCS runs 3,695.  looks like a good little professional autopilot, plus they were recently aquired by lockheed martin.


If you are a student or have a university affiliation Cloud Cap has been known to sell the Piccolo for as low as $5k.

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