pid diagram ?

hi to all,

firstly I would like to congratulate the team of developers and all those who contribute to develop the ardupilot/arducopter

you are all doing impressive work on this project

I'm a relatively new user of apm 2.5, and i try first to integrate it on a flybar 450 heli, before mounting it on a 700 flybar and probably flybarless later

I already have good results after many test and many readings on the wiki and this forum, but it's not perfect yet and i think i can improve the result with best PID. (especialy the halt hold)

however after many research, i can't realy understand the logic of all the possible settings, and i would like to find a diagram or a drawing of the loop in which occurs all the PID .

Do you have some kinds of document to explan that ?


Ps: sorry if my english is not very clear, it's not my native language, i'm a french guy



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  • Vous parlez anglais bien.

    Watch this video. It's for the open copter platform, so it's different from the APM, but I think the overall concept is helpful.  PID took a while for me to fully wrap my head around.

  • Yeah, don't put too much effort into figuring out the PID tuning on TradHeli right now, as it will all change soon.

    Simply put, it is this:

    In stabilize mode, you only need to play with Stab_pitch/roll_P terms.  You can try some I, but generally that has been found to not work, and is best left at 0.  Don't even look at the Rate terms, they don't do anything.  

    The yaw control is as Chris describes.

    If you have a flybar, you can set the parameter H_Flybar_Mode to 1.  Now you can use Acro flight mode, and it gives you complete manual control over the swashplate, just as if there was no controller at all. 

    If you have a flybarless, do not use Acro mode, period.

  • Bonjour, Bruno, c'est va? 

    Votre Anglais c'est très superior au mon Francais, n'est pa? 

    Good luck on finding complete and accurate info on the PIDs. They've changed substantially since 2.8. 

    Have you looked here?

    PID tuning must be the most common question on the entire forum. Do a search of the Blogs for "PID" and you'll have a lot of material to read. 

    I agree, there's a real need for a definitive, single repository of PID info to minimize the confusion. 

    Bon chance! 

    (My most favorite vacation was two weeks in a gite in Provence near Carpentras with family.)

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