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bruno lafond commented on Sokil.aero's blog post SokilLink all-in-one wireless link
Interresting product. I didn't see any information about the price ? Also are you planning to include a cooling fan on your metal case ?"
Jul 15, 2018
bruno lafond posted a discussion
hi everyone,I'm trying to experiment geofence on arducopter 2.9, but i can't activate it in the flight planner, the writing is always grey.I have tried to activate the "lim_" command in the parameters list but it seems to do nothing !Do i miss…
Sep 3, 2013
bruno lafond posted a discussion
hi to all,firstly I would like to congratulate the team of developers and all those who contribute to develop the ardupilot/arducopteryou are all doing impressive work on this projectI'm a relatively new user of apm 2.5, and i try first to integrate…
Oct 23, 2012