PID On a 230mm Frame with Megapirate

I'm trying to find good setting on a 230Frame (XHover MPX230) with a Multiwii Megapirate V2 board with the Arducopter Software (Mac).


So far that's where I'm at.  It's not to bad but could be more snappy. Here are some of the problem I get in to:

1- In the Basic tuning page I can't change the RC feel?  When I slide the fader it stays red, meaning the parameter did get uploaded to the board!?

2- I can't find the MAX_ANG_Pitch/Roll.  In stabilise the quad is not tilting enough to my taste. Witch make's it less snappy I guess.

3- In stabilise mode when I give foward pitch and then release the stick the quad is counter acting like hell to try to stay in place. Like some kind of hold position. But I don't have GPS. Is that normal? Can I avoid that or do I need to be in Acro mode????

4- The throttle could be more aggressive but as soon as i try to rise the P it start to vibrate on accelleration.

I will try to make a video this PM. I going to do some other tuning with a friend, and try to get more performance from the throttle. 

PS: I did a rig like Dave tuning trick and did the basic starting point there. 

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  • OK

    Did some tuning in flight and here were I am right now with the PID's.

    It react good but still have some wabble at very hight throttle punch. Maybe I'm too difficult had that's normal!!??

    I will edit the video a little later and post it.

    APM MPX230 - PID's (1).pdf
    • I think your props are not in weight?
      • ?? Sorry I don't understand what you mean by "not in weight" 

        do you mean balance?  (all my props are balanced)

        Do you mean the ration thrust weight?  (I use 5X3 props, with the cobra 2300Kv it's 431g max thrust with 3s. So 431*4=1724g. 50% of that is 862g and my quad is 562g with the battery)

        • Yes, i meant in balance.

          Did you checked vibrationslog?

          I had the same problems on my 250mm quad and it was not possible to set vibrations down.

          End of project was i sold this quad and built a new one with other motors.

          • I will check the log. The quad seamed very stable and no vibration in the wire rig. When I was holding it to check the I setting I didn't feel any vibration but I will check through the the log anyway.

            Il will do some more test but I may end up changing the FC for a Naze32 that I'm waiting for it's delivery very soon.


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