• Although I am impressed by the housing with internal IMU damping (which I like, being a former NAZA user), I am surprized that they added the Baro sensor as well (DJI doesn´t) on the IMU board. That means: No foam possible anymore.I hope that this doesn´t affect ALTHOLD.

      Also the Ali sellers do not mention where the connectors are available or if included. ...Due to the lack of  SHARP TV recycling...this is my main concern..

  • Great design! This is a very good idea to place only the Acc+Gyro on a dampened mount.

    I wonder if this vibration filter is better than a global dampening of the whole card as this remote IMU  will be very light with less inertia, so it won't filter high frequency noises.

    On the other hand, the amplitudes of the disturbances will probably be lower... so the right question is to know which of these 2 effects (high freq noise and disturbance amplitude) bring the most issues.

    If dapener is made with flexible silicone, I fear the IMU mouvements will prematurely wear the ribbon cable connections.

    That would be a fatal issue for the UAV embedding this PIXHACK card.

    • The displacement of the dampened imu will be so small I doubt you'll have any failure of the connecting ribbon. It doesn't look like there's enough mass for vibration dampening of the imu. Was a vibration analysis performed? What is the dampening frequency and does it correspond to the frequency of a typical motor? I know its inconvenient to dampen the entire pixhawk unit but the more mass the better unless you have a very soft mount.
  • Very nice design. Plugs & ports are better than 3dr I think.

  • There is no HK Pixhawk clone that I can find, you must be referring to the HKPilot which is an APM 2.5.2 clone.
  • This clone is still in pre-order. However, the (pre-order)price is China is cheaper than $180. Also it's pre-loaded with OTP data, so it's easier to upgrade firmware in MP. This manufacturer is famous for its high quality APM clones in China. So this pixhack should be more reliable than other Chinese clones. But one thing I'm still afraid of it that, in order to reduce costs, some parts are removed from some clones, for example the ESD filter on USB or USART port.

  • Developer

    These connectors are great, I have some, easy to remove with positive latch! I got them from a Sharp LED TV recycle. Very Good choice!

  • Shame they didnt add a local minimosd on the board that is hardwired to the telemetry port.

  • Very nice design, easy to make modular setup.

    I would guess the IMU support is soft silicone, wouldn't be much point in it otherwise.

    Input connectors will hopefully work better than DF13's and not require corporate loan to purchase crimper for cable ends.

    Aluminum case should have no appreciable negative effect on the magentometer, aluminum can damp DC EM field but lag should be small.

    And the aluminum will actively damp the AC field generated by the ESCs and motor which is a good thing.

    Also, they are really bound by the Open Commons requirement to provide (adequate) schematics and PCB layout although what we have seen so far is that the Chinese are playing very fast and loose with their interpretation of what they are actually providing.

    HK's Pixhawk clone for example provides a PDF with unusable PCB layout pictures, not files and no schematics (last time I looked anyway).

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