Pixhawk-lite vs PX4mini vs pixfalcon

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody can help me decide on which small form factor pixhawk is the best in terms of cost/performance/usability.


Pixhawk lite




I like this form factor, the cover, and the price, but it's missing the ability to have the buzzer, which in my opinion is quite important. Manufacturing QA/QC may be an issue.





Price is great, not really sure what (if anything) is missing compared to the pixhawk. Also, kinda needs a cover to get it to stick down. Not sure who manufactures this guy.





Great form factor, great functions, reliable manufacturer, but very very pricey.

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  • I am using the pixhawk lite very successfully on my fx-61. The wiring is a little confusing but a good thread on rcgroups.com helped with that. I also use the Auav-x2 successfully on my quad. As for quality, the Auav-x2 is definitely better built, but both work well. I would say that the pixhawk lite is definitely a cheaper option as it is provided with a case. I had to get one printed for the Auav-x2. Also powering a 3DR telemetry radio from the Auav-x2 directly was not possible as it was causing Brown-outs. The pixhawk lite powers the same radio directly without issue.
  • Marc, We recently made a number of improvements to our retired but successful X2 (PixHawk compatible) boards and in the next couple of weeks will be announcing the X2.1 . Like all of our products quality and support will be of the highest priority.

  • So, is the Pixhawk lite any good?

    Can you buy it from a real vendor and a source other than goodluckbuy which I will never touch again. They have sent me totally non working stuff, once even a GPS with the entire GPS antenna module not even soldered on the board. This total lack of care for Q&A is absolutely unacceptable, I don't want to trust one of my aircraft to a vendor that cares so little about quality or even basic Q&A like making sure all the parts are on the board.

  • Just ordered a Pixhawk Lite for my new fx61 flying wing from banggood. I preferred it over pixfalcon for the fact it has two UARTs (pixfalcon has just one). It's also one of the cheaper Ardupilot FC's, which was another deciding factor over ordering the pixracer (although the pixracer does look awesome and have a great component spec)! Just hope I've made the right choice! I already fly full size Pixhawk clones and an AUAV-X2 on multirotor, but this is my first venture into fixed wing stabilisation.

  • It's a work in progress.

    I will add the pix racer very soon.

  • All,

    I have started creating a a list of pixhawk derivative boards in google drive.

    Feel free to go ahead and add to it. I've included heaps of boards already, I just need help to add the info to it.

    Pixhawk Derivative Boards


    Pixhawk Derivitives
    Sheet1 Note: highlighted cells are shared ports Note 2: text with a strikethrough are considered to be an extra cost Name,<a href="https://pixhawk.o…
    • I really like your comparison list.  One correction, the pixfalcon has an on board buzzer.  Thanks

    • Hi,

      nice done.

      You should add at least the PixRacer...

    • Developer

      Great doc Nic , it helps us see all the different features....  Pixhawk Derivative Boards !

      Pixhawk Derivitives
      Sheet1 Note: highlighted cells are shared ports Note 2: text with a strikethrough are considered to be an extra cost Name,<a href="https://pixhawk.o…
  • Moderator

    Are you evaluate VR uBrain 5 

    It's original board not  a derivate from Pixhawk , but it is fully compatible with last revision of APM Copter 3.3.2 firmware .

    More info available here : 


    For OEM customers is available  VR Brain Core it's a great design for cutom solution :




    Autopilot : VR Micro Brain 5.1
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