Pixhawk-lite vs PX4mini vs pixfalcon

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody can help me decide on which small form factor pixhawk is the best in terms of cost/performance/usability.


Pixhawk lite




I like this form factor, the cover, and the price, but it's missing the ability to have the buzzer, which in my opinion is quite important. Manufacturing QA/QC may be an issue.





Price is great, not really sure what (if anything) is missing compared to the pixhawk. Also, kinda needs a cover to get it to stick down. Not sure who manufactures this guy.





Great form factor, great functions, reliable manufacturer, but very very pricey.

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  • I have both the PixFalcon and the PixHawk Lite.  It entirely depends on your aircraft's size.

    I have the PixFalcon on a 320_mm hexacopter.  The PixHawk lite is a larger form factor; it rides on a 550_mm hexacopter.

    Be aware that the retailers online have incorrect pinout diagrams.  There is a thread on RCGroups that has a correct diagram.

    The PixFalcon is a quality piece, but you have to be tolerant of the Molex connectors.  Not the same as APMs nor full size PixHawk's.  It does not have the digital pinouts to control external servos and such either.

    I did not consider the PX4 mini as it was too DIY;  the lack of a case limits your vibration isolation options.  And, I don't like to solder unless it's necessary.

    My 2 cents. . .

    • The only thing that the Picfalcon is missing is the dual GPS inputs and also RC outs, which you would use for something like gimbal control or landing gear through the FC. You can still use a gimble or landing gear. I'm not sure if the Xracer has these components or not. I have to agree with Tony Kenward in regards to the Xracer being a bit more of a DIY FC, Pixfalcon is more plug and play. The connections ports of the Pixfalcon sort of suck as they are not compatible with older APMs or Pixhawks. But, it's still a hands down good unit. I live in Texas a got this in a day from http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/201480328841
      • ok thanks...

        • A CAN interface, FrSky Telemetry interface and ESP8266 port are lacking on the PixFalcon. Our expectation is to make the PixRacer easy to use for all levels of users. Not just DIYers.

          • Excellent Phil. Your board sounds amazing. What do you recommend for telemetry and OSD? Are you working on anything?

            • The board will natively support both types on FrSky Telemetry. We wanted to do Futaba bi-directional SBus but ran out of time on this Rev. OSD is something we have always wanted to do, but it is hard to be both cheap and good. The cheap board currently work fine. I use the minimosd. The PixRacer has a dedicated OSD connector and cable.

              • Thanks Phil, so it has SBUS in to connect to our receivers, what would SBUS Out be used for?

    • How much is the PixFalcon missing compared to the Xracer for instance?

  • Developer

    Pixhawk lite does not fit in a ZMR 250 without removing two standoffs to clear the servo headers.

    Had i only waited some more for the PX4mini ;)

    Maybe add the XRacer to the comparison despite Georges experience ?

    • Does the XRacer have a dampened internal imu? Also, what about barometer or barometric sensors? There's no case on this, I would think the prop wash would be a slight issue. I tried the HK pilot 2.7.2 which worked but i had issues with the barometer due to the open case. Seems like this would be the same.
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