pixhawk mission went real bad and i dont know why

I had built a new tarot 650 with a genuine pixhawk and today i went out to test waypoints.  This is my second pixhawk rig and I have 3 other apm birds all of which hit they're wayponts on the money with no issues.   I had tuned this thing very well.  I set a simple mission, armed it and it and flipped it into auto.  It shot up 4 feet and headed to waypoint 1.  It started to yaw right ( I dont know why) and i corrected it.  It then decided to go into a hard roll a few seconds later and i flipped it out of auto to try to salvage it and it it kept rotating .  The mission planner notified me I was in stabilized mode as my tarot met its early demise.  Frames toast plus a few props.  Everything else is probably fine.

Ive attached my data flash logs (I think the right ones) as well as a screen shot from droid planner.  Any insight into what I may have done wrong or what went wrong would be helpful.


tarot oops.zip



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  • This is what happens with prop slip my friend. Totally mechanical failure and not APM related.

    As Andre K. pointed out, its related to washers, torque on the prop nut and or something coming loose due to vibration.
    It happens, you live and you learn.

  • You had a mechanical/esc failure of one motor/propeller/or prop adapter.

    you can see when the quad loses ability to maintain proper attitude.

    If you graph ATT.DesPitch  vs ATT.Pitch , or Roll vs DesRoll - it's obvious.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I'm by no means an expert but a brief look at your log seemed to show some strange inverse relationship between your two magnetometers on the Y & Z axis,

    Try recalibrating the magnetometers.

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