Pixhawk setup problems - can't throttle up ESCs

Hello, I have 2 drones.. both DJI F550. Drone #1 uses Naza Lite controller and works great!

My second drone is controlled by a Pixhawk.



DJI 2212 motors

4S battery

Spectrum DX9 transmitter

Spectrum AR8000 receiver

3DR PPM Encoder

Problem #1

I now understand that the OPTO 30A ESCs cannot be calibrated. However, my PIXHAWK seems to be 'stuck' in ESC calibration mode. On boot, the LED blinks fast red/blue/yellow. When I push the safety button, I can throttle up and down and the motors respond. When I cut throttle to zero and turn the pixhawk off, the next time I power it, it appears to be back in calibration mode.

Problem #2 (what got me in to Problem #1)

Set up the Pixhawk and went for my first flight... on arm, the motors spin slowly, when I throttle up the motors increase RPMs but only by a little bit. At max throttle, there is not enough RPM to lift the craft. However, at any throttle setting (except idle), when I push on any other stick (elevator, roll, or even rudder) the (some?) motors increase RPM significantly (I believe they are attempting to respond to the control requests). Still there is not enough lift to get the craft off the ground, but you can see it leaning/attempting to roll or pitch. Someone suggested that I calibrate the ESCs... I followed the instructions on how to do that, but since the 30A OPTO ESCs cannot be calibrated, that didn't seem to help. And now I'm somehow stuck in calibration mode on the Pixhawk.

The motors/escs are good as when I connect them directly to the output of the RC receiver, they work perfectly.

Help! Any thoughts/comments welcome!


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  • I have the same problem ... I assembled a Hexa, 750 KV motors, ESC DJI with firmware BLHELI, propellers 11x4.5 E grauphner coal PIxhawk PX4 FMU 3s battery ... I get to fly the hexa to 1 m. achievement and control, but not enough power to make a flight ... I revved and have no power ... 

    I replaced the controller by a Naza V2 and works well...

    But I want to run the Pixhawk

    • I'm used to the Mission Planer autonomous program to make my flight, and use for my planer Droid tablet field ... I still use these control programs? if I install the firmware QGroudControl ... and another question: as modified PID?

  • I have a similar problem...not sure.

    Everything works to me but the ESC calibration.

    The Pixhawk goes in calibration mode.

    Then it makes that long noise from the upper throttle recognized.

    I press the button but when i lower the throttle stick nothing happens. No lower throttle noise, light...nothing.

    May it be a FW problem also?



  • So... what's the fix?
    • Hi Guys!

      My Setup is: All From Aliexpress.

      Alien H4 600 size Quadcopter

      40xx Motors - 14'' Prop

      80A esc

      Turnigy 9x with PPM encoder

      4s Batt

      Pixhawk ( Not Original )

      I had the same issue, and trust me i left it as it is for a whole year, i got really frustrated, until tonight when i took out everything and started re-calibrating everything from start.. I did everything required to operate my PIXHAWK, and it started working got GPS fix and all,


      Got the same issue of Throttle not increasing, Where as the Pitch/Yaw/Roll All responding at high speed..

      I tried THR_MAX parameter and set it to 1000 - 100% but that didnt solved..

      I tried ESC calibration but that didnt solve either..

      Then I saw Ali's & Chris Message of Changing the firware, I tried several previous version none of them loaded.. But his message did solved my Issue by ONE firmware that was one version older than the current versions...

      AND now i am so happy after an year that my Quad is working perfect....  

      Mine solved by changing firmware.. I think other guys should also do the same.. see if it works...

      Thank you 


  • Roll/Pitch/Yaw is working fine->issue only with throttle


    • Ali, your video shows exactly the same problem that I had. In the end, I started from scratch and reloaded the firmware. However, I had to load different firmware to get it to reset. By that I mean I had to load quad firmware on to my hexacopter, and then re-load the hex firmware. Another round of calibrations and setup, and I was in business.

      I can't say for sure how/why it was fixed, but I recommend starting again from scratch.

      Hope that helps.


      • Exactly-Thnx for reply
        After several firmware updates issue disappeared.

  • Have the same issue here with my Quad 
    Spektrum dx6i (connencted via Sattelite receiver to Pxhwk)
    ESC 20A SK (RC Timer)
    MT 2216 KV900
    After upgrading to newest firmware-no more response on throttle
    Roll/Pitch/Yaw is working fine->issue only with throttle.
    Tried to setup PID, deinstalled installed MP, changed pixhawk (I have 3 PH two for the planes, one for the copter)
    Always same result.

    Could u solve it?

    Kind regards,

  • Hey,

    I think your issue is similar to:



    My solution was using the firmware provided by http://www.qgroundcontrol.org/

    The 3DR one just didn't work.

This reply was deleted.


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