Hey guys.  I am working on a drone project in which I am trying to run various systems on a payload with an arduino, yet I want to send the information to the arduino through the Pixhawk.

I am using the Frsky Taranis Plus and the X8R Receiver.  I am using SBUS to send 16 channels from the X8R to the Pixhawk.  It is receiving all 16 channels.

My lack of knowledge in serial communication and specifically MavLink is restricting me in figuring out how to utilize these channels and pass it on through by using something like I2C.  I know it can be done.

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well, you'll need to read up on mavlink , you won't have to touch I2C unless you are using it for other sensors.


Pixhawk has SBUS out, which can be configured to use what ever channels or values you like.

All configurable within mission planner.

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