Pixhawk/Tri motor setup question.

I have a Pixhawk with 3.3-rc5 setup on a Tri configuration. just about ready to maiden.

 I need to limit the movement of the Yaw servo. (a physical limit issue)

Is there a Min/Max limit setting for the Yaw servo ?

  Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi sorry I didn't notice your question before.

    My Tricopter has front left spinning anti clockwise, front right spinning clockwise, tail anti clockwise.

    imo by having one running counter it requires less tail throw to keep it from spinning, and I've not heard of a negative side to it, but I'm not the expert..

  • Hi there what direction are your motors as ive set mine to all anti clockwise with 3 motor firmware was thinking of putting  3.3-rc5 firmware in but it is spinning like the ruder has been activated



  • So, any info on your Tricopter?

    weight , power etc?

    I had one of RCexplorers design with DT750 motors, I upgraded to SunnySky 2216 800kv, but at the moment its not as stable in the air as it was.

    • Hey David

       This is an experimental frame setup that I saw on a FliteTest video and liked the redundancy of the design.

      Its a work in progress...  The Tri is about 24 inch MtM with 2 extra motors very near the CG.

      Motors are 850KVA  Battery is 6S 5000mah Swinging 10x4.5 props. With chepo HobbyKing retracts

      Its over powered as it sits, But final flight config is to carry 2 batteries and a bit larger camera then is there for testing.



      All plastic parts are 3D printed. Arms are towel bars.

      I have put 2 test flights on it, but I need to get more airflow on the ESC's there getting to hot for my liking.

      Tuning is under way, currently its a bit pitch sensitive right now, 

      Thanks for your interest.

        Good Flying....


      Some of my other adventures....https://www.youtube.com/user/mikemonti968/videos?view_as=public

      Michael Monti
      • Wow thats fantastic, I want mine to look as good!

        Here's mine:
        I just mounted the electronics on a piece of wood, intending to make something better after I got it working, but never got around to it, concerned about adding weight.

        Its changed a bit since this photo, I'm now using mobius camera, and had to point the video tx down instead of up as it appeared to be affecting my GPS signal.


        Btw, I notice on your youtube channel you've some experience setting up this stuff.
        I recently had a problem with setup after changing motors. Maybe you'd have some advice?

        The autotune turned up the gains significantly, does that imply my motors are not really powerful enough? to give good performance swinging a 11" prop. The 10" prop did seem smoother but I wasn't able to go as fast without losing height.

        I also like the look of your Rover in the Profile picture, I am actually not so good on my feet so always thought it be good to make a rover to help carry some equipment, or even retrieve my aerial drone.
        Would like a 6x6 as I'd need to to go over rough terrain.
        Any info on your rover? I didn't see it on the youtube channel, maybe didn't look in the right place.

  • Well I'm using APM2.6 with Arducopter3.2 so maybe its not relevant.

    But strangely, inorder for me to reverse the servo I had to alter RC7_REV

    But if I want to alter the trim on my tail servo I have to alter RC4.. I dunno how this makes sense because my servo is plugged into output 7.

    When I type in to find "rc4" in the advanced parameters it find 3 items.




    Maybe those are what you need, but I've only tried altering the trim myself. It works but sometimes gets reset (not sure what caused that) and I've had to make a note of the value to redo it.

    • Thanks David

       That was just what I was looking for.

      It seems that the PixHawk works the same way. Servo plugs into out 7


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