Pixhawk vs Pixhawk 2?

Can someone tell me the differences between a Pixhawk and the Pixhawk 2 that 3DR is marketing as being supplied with the Solo?


I've tried searching, but only found vague references to Pixhawk 2.

Even the 3DR web site is very light with info about Pixhawk 2.

Perhaps the info is being kept quiet until the final release? If so, that's ok, just let us know.



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  • We are going to have  the chance to buy pheripeals as spare parts and use what we have or change for newer ones when this come to the market yo give a try? that's what dyiers like to do I think . ;)

    What's the little black box on the top? a wifi module?

    • What's the little black box on the top? a wifi module?

      No, Cala. This cube is the Pixhawk 2, plugged into the daughter board.

      • Developer
        This is the Pixhawk 2. It is a modular system.
        For OEMs, they can just place the cube directly, for Enthusiastic DIY, you can build carrier boards that suit your needs.

        For others, you can buy a carrier board that breaks out the connectors. It's flexible.

        Inside the cube is a Tripple IMU autopilot, with heating and vibration isolation.

        To put that in perspective...
        It has 9 gyros (3 X 3 axis) 9 accelerometers, 6 magnetometers, two barometers.
        That's 26 mems sensors!

        All of that is in the cube, the carrier is mearly a glorified wiring loom, of which anyone is free to make their own!


        • do you start the batch production?

        • Thank's Philip, looks nice.

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