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This is a discussion to focus the feedback and support of ardupilot on the PixRacer board from

We believe that all teething problems encountered are now resolved and so we recommend people load Copter-3.3.4 which is available for all multicopters through the Mission Planner's (and other GCS's) Install Firmware screens.  Note that because regular Pixhawks are still on Copter-3.3.3 the install icon may show Copter-3.3.3 but rest assured, Copter-3.3.4 will be installed (you can check the version by looking at the very top of the Mission Planner).


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    • 3DR radio cable is included (JST-GH 6 Pin > DF 13 6 Pin), or available @ for a bargain price.  I connected mine with it . (The case of the 3DR air module V2 is stripped, a 3DR IRIS leftover)


      • I see no mention of a Telemetry cable except the individual one.  The only other one is a GPS cable which I used to, wait for it, connect my 3DR GPS.

        I also see where I can order the ACSP5 power module as well.

        • Sorry , didn´t realize, that you´re new. The so called GPS cable for 3DR GPS+MAG can be used for latest 3DR telemetry as well. Same pinout. Works right away.


          So if you need two, just order a second one. If you want to operate with RTS/CTS as well (not really needed.), just pull the two wires of the DF13(4) and put em straight into the empty DF13(6) chambers. You can do this with a needle to lift the DF13 locks as Phil mentioned earlier. Here´s the cable you need:

          GPS Cable for 3DR GPS+MAG
          Our Price: $1.00

          Power Cable GH(6) to Gh(6) 25mm Power Cable GH(6) to DF13(6) + DF13(4) 150mm
  • Is there a blog for PixRacer questions? I have a bunch.

    1. The 3DR radio cable plug is too small so what do I use.

    2. I see no power or voltage output so what is the setting to turn that on.

    3. I have an X8R with RSSI so I plugged that black cable In but have no RSSI data

    4. All at once ESC calibration causes the PixRacer to lock up.

    5. SBus sometimes does not work for 3 to 5 minutes after power up.

    6. It's confusing to know which way to plug in the ESC cable.  Pixhawk was White down, PixRacer is White up.

    7. Safety switch does not work.

    8. How do you mount the buzzer.

    9. How do you mount the safety switch when the mounting hole is smaller than the connector that goes through it.

    10. I want to set CH6 output as a relay pin so how do that.

    • I can help w/ some of them..  And, isn't this the spot for pixracer questions?

      1 - don't know.. I'm using a 3dr radio, and it works w/ the supplied cables.

      2 - power module config in MP. Under initial setup.   It does work.

      3 - works for me.  Pin 103 set to 3.3v

      4 - does NOT work for me

      5 - I haven't noticed this yet.... 

      6 - ground always goes to ground...  that's all you need to know

      7 - I was told that is a 'feature' and they could easily re-enable it if enough people want them to

      8 - I used double sided tape..  That is up to the builder

      9 - what mounting hole are you talking about?  The pixracer does not have a mount location for the switch.. So you must be talking about your air frame, and we all use different ones...

      10 - I haven't tried this w/ pixracer.. I'd imagine it's the same as any other flight controller.  Simply assign the pin in MP.

      • 1) Documentation I saw says there is no cable supplied.  Had to make my own.

        2) Did configure in MP still doesn't work. Monitor: 4, Sensor: 0, APM: 3

        3) Set to Pin 103 and 3.3v and nothing shows, works on real pixhawk.

        6) The question is ground on the top or bottom.  In this case bottom.  Picture not clear.

        8) No flat surface on the bottom so hope it stays put.

        9) Frame hole will be smaller than connector.  Don't need it anyway since it doesn't work.

        10) They are addressed as Aux pins.  None on PixRacer.

        • Picture not clear.

          For those who don´t visit RCG , higher resolution @


          • Do you sell the ACSP5 with the above pictured power wires attached already? Have you done extensive testing with that? Does it exhibit less EMI than say a standard 3dr power module? Does it come with the cable that goes to the P racer? Thx

            • 1. The ACSP5 is coming bare, w/o the wire harness, battery cable , or distri board since most users have their own requirements, application related. However, the Pixracer kit includes 2 cables JST GH, one 35mm, the other with 150mm, as shown below. If extra cables or another connector are required, AUAV.Co is offering a large variety of JST GH > e.g. DF13, for a very low price. Depending on app., re-assignment maybe required.

              3702892089?profile=originalDon´t forget the shrinking tube ;-)

              2.I did several tests up to 60A stationary and up to 40A in flight, no complaints at all.

              3.If low EMI is very important, the power distribution design is your topic. Keep the powerlines short GND and + close to each other, use a small distriboard like shown in my setup proposal pic instead of the also shown wire harness. Use Coax wires for ESC supply, like DJI does e.g. at E series ESC.

              4. Compared to 3DR Powermodule, the main advantage of the ACSP5 is smaller size and the HV capability of up to 8-9S (3DR : 4S ?)

              PS: I´m user like you and not selling anything. I just do setup proposals, mainly for my own memory.


              Battery voltage Up to 8-9S , 10S burst***
              Current - 90A tested.
              5.3V 2A BEC for the FC ( current+voltage sensing )
              2 x power cables supplied with Pixracer V1
              Dimensions - 17x17mm, weight 2.32gramms
              JST GH connectors for 5.3V, current and voltage sensing
              Features: DC-DC Buck regulators - LT8610AB ( ultra low ripple/noise with ECO power saving burst mode with light loads )

              ***Important: When using ACSP4 / ACSP5 > 6S + battery without spark-free connector, please solder an Aluminium electrolytic capacitor of 100uF 63V right to the battery solder pads.Capacitor (+) to battery (+), and capacitor (-) to battery (-). This is because non spark-free connectors may cause voltage overshoots if long battery wires are used.

        • 1, really sorry, I did make my own cable!  I forgot, and was just working on my copter and noticed.

          10, the 6 outputs are the aux pins, technically.  So, try it.. set it as aux6, and try pin6. 

          Others I'm not sure.. I just got my pixracer back and am hooking it up now and will test a few things.

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