Problem compiling APM_Compass_Test

referring to the ArduCoper Wiki under the section Optional Magnetometer i an trying to compile the suggested test sketch called APM_Compass_Test.pde.

I get the following error :-
APM_Compass_test.cpp:13:37: error: AP_Math.h: No such file or directory
APM_Compass_test.cpp: In function 'void setup()':
APM_Compass_test:26: error: 'class APM_Compass_Class' has no member named 'SetOrientation'
APM_Compass_test:26: error: 'APM_COMPASS_COMPONENTS_UP_PINS_FORWARD' was not declared in this scope
APM_Compass_test:27: error: 'class APM_Compass_Class' has no member named 'SetOffsets'
APM_Compass_test:28: error: 'class APM_Compass_Class' has no member named 'SetDeclination'
APM_Compass_test.cpp: At global scope:
APM_Compass_test_orig:10: error: redefinition of 'long unsigned int timer'
APM_Compass_test:17: error: 'long unsigned int timer' previously declared here
APM_Compass_test.cpp: In function 'void setup()':
APM_Compass_test_orig:12: error: redefinition of 'void setup()'
APM_Compass_test:20: error: 'void setup()' previously defined here
APM_Compass_test.cpp: In function 'void loop()':
APM_Compass_test_orig:21: error: redefinition of 'void loop()'
APM_Compass_test:34: error: 'void loop()' previously defined here

I have had no problems compiling and uploading flight software to my working quad but now i am playing around with the DIYDrones magnetometer i have fitted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yes and thanks for the response. I am looking at the Heli and I am glad you had responded.You would not believe the devilishly weird includes I was thinking of adding. LOL
  • The Heli.h still seems to have a reference to APM_Compass.h

    In file included from ArducopterNG.cpp:216:
    /Heli.h:45:89: error: APM_Compass.h: No such file or directory  Since the library is not included with the RC2 It does not compile.

  • Hey Randy,
    That makes perfect sense thankyou. Unfortunately my magnetometer worked today once with the compass test sketch but then it stop showing changing numbers and a reboot did not fix it, i wasnt 100% happy about the voltage change soldering i had done so i opted to cut it off and use the sparkfun one with a voltage modifier.

    One question tho, now that i have to fix the mag. to the frame can you offer any advice as to its orientation, it looks like y should be place in the same plane as the APM and to confirm are the GPS plugs at the front i.e. mag. y axis should point towards the gps plugs end of the APM. Can it be mounted anywhere on the frame or sould it be near the pivot point of the quad??
  • Hi Randy,
    Thanks for the information.
    Heres the thing, say i point the end of the board north and see y go to 500 and 180 degrees y goes to -500 that i understand. Are you saying that were ever i choose to stop rotating and put the board down the y number should be between -100 and 100. So i could be -5 and i could use that as a number but equally it could be 54 depending on where i stop the rotation and note the numbers, this doesn;t sound very accurate or am i missing the bigger picture here :).
  • Cheers Sebastian,
    Is it right tho that the numbers go up and down?? Have i got to try and make a note of the biggest in each axis (im assume thats what the 3 offsets refer to)??
  • my arduino ide lives in the arducopter directory:

    the libraries do point to:

    use subversion for checkout.
    can you follow this?
  • Ok.
    I used tortoise to download the whole svn from
    and set arduino preferences to the dir that contains arducopter, arducopterNG and libraries and then open the APM_Compass_Test from within the libraries folder and hey all compiled ok and magnetometer readings look clear now.
    Do i just keep spinning the quad in 3d until i get the biggest numbers in the offset or do i have to specifically start the program with the board facing north not too clear on the instructions there.
    Again thanks for any help on this.
  • Thanks Robert.
    The doesn't contain a library called AP_Math or a file called AP_Math so where should the build come from to get the APM_Compass_Test from the wiki working??
    Should it be from the trunk under Auducopter??
  • ok got a bit further. I had renamed the old APM_Compass_Test.pde to APM_Compass_Test_orig.pde and also saved APM_Compass_Test.pde in this directory so in effect i had 2 .pde files seems the compiler is very fussy about this.

    I now get the following error only :-
    APM_Compass_test.cpp.o:(.bss.APM_Compass+0x0): multiple definition of `APM_Compass'
    APM_Compass\APM_Compass.cpp.o:C:\Arducopter\arduino\libraries\APM_Compass/APM_Compass.cpp:57: first defined here

    Where am i supposed to put the file downloaded from the Wiki cos i have tried it everywhere.
    When i load the alpha flight code i see the arduino program has pulled in all the libraries to and i can see them as tabs at the top but when i load the APM_Compass_Test.pde i see no libraries included at the top.
    I thought i understood this Arduino environment but totally confused now :(
    Any help please.
  • do a search for AP_Math.h in your arduino directory.
    if it's not there, then you have an incomplete installation.

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