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hoopty replied to Rhosyn's discussion Used Iris+ Quad
"How much are you thinking?"
Nov 5, 2015
hoopty replied to Mark's discussion APM 2.5+/uBlox LEA-6H GPS/APM Power Module/Minim OSD/APM telemetry Radio Set
"I am interested. I know thge post is old but.......

How much?"
Oct 15, 2014
hoopty replied to hoopty's discussion Mission Planner and APM2 problems
"Thanks for Replying Tom,
Yes I did the set Home Location and it goes to zero. If I disconnect and reconnect it goes back to the very large number (215009.84 ft). So my guess is it is being loaded from somewhere and if it is in the eeprom that…"
Aug 22, 2013
hoopty posted a discussion
On recent versions of firmware (where I seem to have not been able to get my quad flying like it did on 2.73) I have been trying to figure out what has gone south. When I ploy my waypoints and disconnect and then reconnect I see the distance to…
Aug 21, 2013
hoopty replied to hoopty's discussion What is the proper way to get help.
"It seems that this is a common problem for the AE-30A. There is an alternative though if you are adventurous. There is a new flash out for these controllers. It is not factory but the results seem to be good for quads.
Jul 3, 2013
hoopty posted a discussion
I have an 3DR Arducopter with Turnigy AE-30 esc's. I have a 2.5 APM and brand new 2838 motors. In fact, everything is brand new.I have another Quad that flies perfectly. It comes back when it is "called" and flies very nicely.The 3DR is a little…
Jun 30, 2013
hoopty replied to Paul's discussion For SALE - APM 1.4 + 2560 + mediatek GPS / xbee telemetry 2.4 for sale
"Is it still available?  The APM and GPS that is...."
Feb 22, 2013
hoopty replied to Colin Sadler's discussion Hex decided to leave and never come back
"I had the same issue, mine went up about 12 feet and was hovering... started see-sawing...then all motors locked full on and it went straight up and out of sight.

I started running down the road screaming No...No....  It disappeared and I started a…"
Oct 17, 2012
hoopty posted a discussion
 Maybe it is not the PIDS but I think they contribute. I have two platforms .APM 1.x and 2.xMainly I am concerned with my 1.x running 2.7.3 on a quad. I have 1000kv motors (2212) and the gps does not seem to be very accurate I am using the mediatek…
Sep 26, 2012
hoopty replied to hoopty's discussion ArduPilot Mega Help Tuning PIDs
"yeah, I have not had any luck with rudder deflection in Auto Mode. Can anyone supply some suggestions?
When in auto mode, make sure home is set correctly and the other waypoints have their altitudes set relative to home. I was having issues using…"
Aug 3, 2011
hoopty posted a discussion
OK I have a not fancy at all plane. It is a SuperCub Parkflyer no ailerons Just Rudder Elevator and Throttle. I noticed the default settings contain no YAW settings. I am assuming this is where my problem is but I am not sure. The Stabilize mode…
Aug 2, 2011
hoopty commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPlane home page
"Not sure if it has been mentioned but the new APM Planner does not zoom properly on the east coast of the United States. Not sure if anyone cares but it makes it hard to plan without good resolution."
Jun 14, 2011
hoopty commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post DIYDrones Magnetometer issue resolution
Would it be easier for most folks to just bridge the resistor in place? The solder pads on the resistor may be easier to bridge with a small wire and then snip off the excess than remove the resistor and risk damaging the board."
Jan 13, 2011
hoopty replied to Chris Anderson's discussion Update on ArduPilot Mega reset button issue
"I believe I am having the same problem. I want to do a little further investigation first. I did notice that if I power up the APM/IMU with the slider switch away from the DIP switches, it attempts to read flight data but still disconnects.
I read…"
Jan 13, 2011
hoopty replied to Antonio's discussion Problem compiling APM_Compass_Test
"Yes and thanks for the response. I am looking at the Heli and I am glad you had responded.You would not believe the devilishly weird includes I was thinking of adding. LOL"
Jan 11, 2011
hoopty replied to Antonio's discussion Problem compiling APM_Compass_Test
"The Heli.h still seems to have a reference to APM_Compass.h
In file included from ArducopterNG.cpp:216:/Heli.h:45:89: error: APM_Compass.h: No such file or directory  Since the library is not included with the RC2 It does not compile."
Jan 11, 2011