Problem connecting Pixhawk and Futaba receiver


Two of my customers have trouble setting up the Pixhawk - I myself have a Pixhawk, but don't use a Futaba receiver, thereby I can't replicate the problem (I would like to find out if the problem is connected to the receiver they use, or something else).

Both use a Futaba R7008SB receiver.
Both managed to upload the Firmware to their Pixhawks - but they are not able to do the radio calibration (the Pixhawk doesn't "see" the receivers, the bars in the calibration are all grey).

They have nothing else connected to the Pixhawk, except receiver (connected to the right port / RC), buzzer, safety switch and USB cable.

The Pixhawk signals via the big LED "pre-arm check failed" (which makes sense ;)

They power the Pixhawk via USB and at the same time with a LiPo (via the Power Module).

The receiver is "found" by the remote, the LEDs are on, the setting of receiver and remote (regarding the use of the SBUS) seems to be right. They use the right port of the receiver to connect to the Pixhawk.

I am happy about any suggestions ...

Thanks a lot in advance


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    • Hi,

      Using your link, I have modify the sbus.c file in ArduCopter and it now works with 14SG and R7008SB :P

      It works on both SBus and SBus 2 port, and in 14ch mode, with dual receiver support :D

      How can I share this work to everybody ?

      Thanks Lorenz !


  • QGroundControl provides more information while updating firmware than Mission Planner.

    It is stopped at 90% to updating firmware of the Pixhawk.

    QGC also hard to detect Pixhawk version of PX4IO board.

    After several try and error, Pixhawk gives endless tone.


    It became Brick!?

    • Developer
      You can see more information in the console window of MissionPlanner. Or try AP2 and enable the output window. You can load custom firmware as well
      • Thanks, I will try later.

        BTW, temporary bricked Pixhawk could awoke by hooking "px4uploader.exe" ;-)

        Brand new Futaba R3008SB is also fail connection with Pixhawk.

  • Distributor

    Hi Xian

    it looks like your connection is correct. I asked for a picture because I have some customers who insisted that they hooked it up correctly, but later on a picture revealed that they had it wrong. I have some customers who reported problems with this type of receiver - but unfortunately I didn't hear back after giving them some advice, so I don't know if it works ...

    I am using a different receiver with PPM Encoder, thereby I have not been able to reproduce the problem.

  • Developer

    Xian, you used the wrong port. The labeling needs to be improved, but the manual that came with Pixhawk already tells you to connect the receiver to RC IN. The SBUS labeled port is Pixhawks own SBUS output port. It will be powered and work once you connect it correctly.


    • Hi Lorenz, Could you explain why we should not power the receiver from any external power source other than the pixhawk?

      • Its fine if you power it from an external source, but you must not bridge the RC IN +5V to the servo rail - they are isolated and need to be. Rather than explaining this in detail and risking to confuse users, the recommendation is to not power the receiver from any other power source. Anyone with sufficient EE background should already understand the implications of separated rails and will be able to create any custom power setup as needed.

  • You already have a power on the receiver.

    Are you try to connect S-BUS2, instead of S-BUS connection on the photo?


    • Oh! Try not miss understand the picture.

      Here is better picture;)


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