Recently, I tested the jdrones Arducopter Hexa V2.5.5, stock pids with Rate Roll P = 0.1, Stabilize control P = 3.5, I = 0.01, Imax = 2.000, Trim throttle = 450.
Flight: Stabilize mode

I controlled the hexa using only the throttle stick; No Roll/ pitch movements.

Problem No 1: Hexa tends to move in the backward direction i.e. in case of Hexa-X in the direction of the RC pins as shown in the video

We can say that its the wind but i observed the same problem in an indoor (without wind) gymnasium testing; Anyone got any idea what may be wrong?

Problem No. 2: As a noob RC controller, i was initially flying the hexa with a throttle exponential of -100% ( to have smooth takeoffs and landing) BUT when i changed the throttle exponential to -50 %, my hexa now leans to one side (i lost my two landing gears due to this). What is wrong at the higher throttle exponential?

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  • Umer, 

    Do you have solution for this problem? I hexa have the some problem. The hexa tens to move

  • Hello Umer,

    on 1.) stabilize does not mean it stays still in one position. You still have to correct the position manually a bit. Real stable only works using e.g. GPS with Loiter.

    on 2.) I have found out that i can fly best not using expo at all. Maybe just connect a standard servo to your receiver and check if your output is linear - alternatively use the APM planner and see your stick responses (without motors armed and also rotor blades removed, for safety) to be linear.

    Maybe this fixes your problem.

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