Quad PixHAwk 3.2 Flip Roll Crash at Take Off


I really work on PixHawk autopilot Quad since a month:

- Quad Tarot 650
- ESC: Castle Creations 35 QuaPack (Bec Version)
- Motor T-Motor MT4006
- Autopilot: Pixhawk 3.2
- RC: Futaba 14SG
- Receiver: R7008SB

After all calibration successful my quad still doesn't want fly correctly without crashing by flip roll at Take Off.


- During TakeOff just on progressive Throttle Stick, The Quad loose balance instantly and randomly

- Receiver is connected to PixHawk by RCIN without PPM Encoder

Thanks in Advance for your Questions/Advises


2015-02-05 18-52-10.bin

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  • Hello

    I have almost the same problem.

     -Quad Tarot 650
    - ESC: Spider 30A Opto
    - Motor T-Motor MT4004 400Kv
    - Autopilot: Pixhawk 3.4.2
    - RC: Futaba 14SG
    - Receiver: R6303SB

    - 6S 5000mA


    The quad is unstable. I lower the PID but still crashing

    Thanks in advance for Help

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  • Dear,

    Thank you, I totally agree and sincerely appreciate your advises

    Based on advises, l re-calibrate RC properly on ESC's Endpoint and also correctly map the channels (mode3) as well through RCMAP (extended parameters).

    Even so, by just giving just progressive Throttle stick my quad is Crashing repeatedly.

    - (Quad facing me) It seems Motor4 started with a delay then caused a Crash (Flip Roll)

    - (Rotate 180degree) It seems Motor3 started with a delay then caused a Crash (Flip Roll)

    - Re-Calib. Accel. successfull

    - But still Crash (Front Roll)

    For Information:

    - By choosing the Frame (X), I also loaded Params in Default Setting: Beginner.param

    - I do not use PPM encoder and my Futaba receiver is directly connected to PixHawk pin: RCIN

    - Also confirm my ESC's connections order as mentioned is respected as: Diagram attached 

    quads pixhawk.jpg

  • Can't open or save the file posted.  Try again or try the .bin file.

  • You need to post your log(s) to get much help.

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