Quadcopter flips during take off


i have the problem that the copter flips randomly during lift off. when i start the copter in hand 1,3 m above ground it flys perfect.

here the video and the log files with my flip problem



Copter Data:


Quadcopter X

Motor 750kv

12x4,5 props

weight 1,3 kg inkluding GoPro and Battery

3300mAh Battery

Software 2.5.3 with default PID

diameter Motor to Motor 53 cm


any ideas?

log file http://diydrones.com/forum/attachment/download?id=705844%3AUploadedFile%3A830277


some pictures


3690926316?profile=originalCopter is in X config. the blue Battery is the backside of the copter 3690926424?profile=original

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  • I am having this same issue with a XT-650 quadcopter

    apm 2.6

    3000 mah battery

    Quadcopter simply flips on take off... I tried calibrating the ESCs with APM several times and still having the issue....

  • Bueno, a pesar de que nadie ha respondido a mis preguntas anteriores y después de varios intentos y un par de hélices rotas, la solución al mal despegue de la aeronave estaba dado por la versión del Firmware 2.9.1, curiosamente se probó con la versión anterior 2.8.1 y la aeronave se comportó de manera correcta, tanto en el despegue como en el aire, obteniendo un vuelo perfecto.

    • Hola Daniel... yo tengo el mismo problema con Pixhawk... mi copter se voltea en cuanto llego a 50% de thortthle...


  • Thanks for information, however, I can´t take it off, I don't undertand why, cause I have tried everything that has been said in this post,, but when the Quad takes off it flips, so  I would like someone to help me how to take it off properly without flipping.

  • i think i found the problem. will verivy it the next days. it is raining and stormy today.

    i managed 10 take off on the street without fliping.
    the problem was:

    1. taking off in the grass; it works much better on a flat surface where the copter can slide a bit
    2. the copter was not balanced. the battery was to much out of the center. so the copter always trys to lift of with the front first, which results in a flip backwarts or backwards left or right.

    open issu lift off in grass. will test the next days
  • Hi Glenn, 

    Same problem.... my current theory is that the propellers are not all in the same plane. leveling was spot on. good luck 

  • Developer

    This happened a few times for me. It was a leveling issue. This is how I solved it:

    First, lay on the throttle slowly until you get a slight liftoff. If one side starts lifting first, kill throttle and got to step 2. Even 2 inches difference should not happen if it is properly leveled (at least in my experience).

    Make sure copter is on completely level surface. Instead of holding right-yaw for 4 seconds (as you do to arm), hold it for 15-20 seconds. This will trigger leveling function. 

    Then arm again, and apply throttle. Increase throttle very very slowly. It should lift off evenly. Again, if it lift unevenly, don't even try to fly. 

    If this does not work, it might be very uneven power for a variety of reasons, including uncalibrated ESCs (see wiki), incorrect rotation or prop direction (check the airflow, see wiki), loose connection etc. 

    hope this helps

  • i did the following steps:

    checked again Props and Motos spin direction.

    recalibrated all ESC´s

    made the following setup on the ESC:


    checked cabling between APM and ESC´s


    but copter still flips during take off


  • Are you taking off from grass? I've had legs caught by the grass before and it can cause a flip.

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