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To clarify .

I have some Autonomous filming work I would like to do in tight locations but way-point navigation is not up to the task.

Is it possible to do a ""Preflight"" with the Pixhawk around and through the areas of interest and (capture/record)  my flight path around my filming area?  Once this flightpath is saved you could fly it again in Autonomous mode to do the actual filming work.

I have some tight spaces to navigate around and would like to have a ""soft flight path"" It would be great if  a "flight record switch" could be setup on the radio to save the flight path and then go back and fly that recorded flight path. 

How much memory would it take to do this? maybe its not possible with this system or is it?

If not it would be something to think about for the future, I don't think DJI is doing it yet, it would be nice to get a leg up on them:) :)   

Thanks Guys

Happy New year 2015.

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  • Actually, I started to program "autolearn" today. Sounds like a useful feature
  • It would be a nice addition to pixhawk if this could be implemented. You could fly around and in between objects that you wanted to film without worrying about hitting them. I hope one day the pixhawk will have a collision avoidance sensor that works.

  • Pixhawk is capable of 700 WP.  its well capable of storing position as WP every X seconds, or even remove redundant WP s that line up.

    The feature is not there yet, simply because nobody programmed it, yet.it sounds like a good idea.

  • Wouldn't a GPS trail be a series of WP's?

    I know that the rover code has Add_WP as a ch.7 option. Toggle to add WP. Not sure about copter.
  • Download your dataflash log, then in Mission Planner - > dataflash logs -> create kml + gpx

    Paste the lat/longs into a WP file and upload it.

    • Bill, there would have to be a switch involved so you can control when to start and stop recording the flight plan that you want to save.
      • Why not just edit it in the FP after upload? 

        This is just a way to do it now. But I am just curious as to what you are really trying to do, why aren't waypoints in the flight planner sufficient?  Are you doing something with a DGPS?

        p.s. - I am not a developer, just a user.  I see your OP did say Q for developers.

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