What is that RCTimer ArduFlyer V2.5 Kit Flight Controller compared to 3D robotics? it seems to be the same but much lower price, it should be a stupid question, but why do they have such low price?

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3DR has a set margin that they try and maintain that goes back into running the HW biz. They don't pay people Chinese factory worker wages. If you cut your prices too low you can't invest in the future.

Just got full package from them.

I haven't try it yet but boards manufacturing quality is surprisingly AmaZIng!.I'll keep you posted.

Ardupilot from 3DR and Arduflyer are the SAME. I have both of them. No Difference at all...


Infact the 3DR ardupilot is manufactured in the same factory in China. It is DESIGNED in California but productionized in CHINA from the same factory.... LOL


RCTimer's Arduflyer is the same as Ardupilot 2.5 with just the printing as Arduflyer... Rest EVERYTHING is the same. EVEN the quality of the connectors, wires etc is the same. I happen to peel off the RCTIMER logo plate from the bottom of the 433 Data radio, and it read 3DRobotics on the below... LOL

the only difference is the GPS chipset... While both are U-Blox, the one from rctimer is a cheaper one, probably without the ability to reprogram it.

Here you can find extensive guide about this clone. I powered it up yesterday - basic staff including GPS and radios work.


Hi If you want an extensive guide then read the proper one here http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Props_2 its all you will ever need :-)


I do not think that 3DR is manufacturing in China anymore: http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/chris-anderson-interviewed-...



Hi Thomas... you are right... but till now they were being done in China... its too late for 3DR to take a decision... the damage is already done... :)


good guide.


Greg, how's the RCTimer board doing?

So far I powered it up and loaded firmware. Everything seems to work fine. Package comes with 2 cable choices to connect radio and gps. GPS gets lock inside the house in less then a minute. All sensors and radios seems to work fine.

Ive got 450 quadro frame packge as well (with motors, ecs and props) - again - quality is very good.

I'm waiting for 9X arrive to try it. Hopefully next week.

P.S. package arrived to Toronto in less then 2 weeks from the time I placed the order. (they charge Paypal fee however but its insignificant considering price difference)

So far i'm happy.



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