This is sold at the DIYdrones store. I bought one - and I can fine no pictures manuals YouTube videos - zip, 0, 0.

Remzibi OSD 3DR- references can't be found.

Remzibi has not posted on RCuniverse, or DIYdrones for ~ six months.


Does anyone know why I can't find info on this OSD. Its a purple board with two button switches.

Every reference refers to early versions (red).


Please - bernienepper

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  • @bernienepper

    Were you able to get the Remzibi OSD to work with the APM2.

    Reading this forum has not giving me any clue on how to achieve this connection.

  • Hi there.

    Manual is here:

    Do not update Firmware until further details are released, i updated mine and it doen not work anymore :(

  • 3692365308?profile=original

    Just thought I'd share some notes so far. I have it working with a seperate GPS module right now and editing the HappyKillmore Remzibi editor exe.


  • I think that Remzibi OSD 3DR is from this design.

    posts 3884 and 3885 give the impression it's the same OSD board.

  • Wiki is here. The reason why there is not much info is that it is only new. Rembizi OSD has been around sine 2008 I think? Anyway a lot longer. 

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