Rocket boosted Uav?

Has anyone everythought about building a uav with a rocket booster at launch then uses like a propeller, or a duct fan for flight after the boost phase??


Would this not be the coolest uav or what??

Im thinking of how the military has to assemble and hand throw their small uavs, but what it u could have a small rocket boosted uav that could be transported in the launch tube to provent damage, and quickly deploy the needed uav..

Just a concept

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  • How about a tubular vessel that heats water to above well above water's normal boiling point (by keeping it contained within a pressure vessel)

    Raise the temperature to 250 degrees C, and then open a valve (or have a burst plate) at an exit nozzle at the base of the vessel which will drop the internal pressure, causing the water to intantly boil resulting in massive expansion and massive propulsion.

    Bets of all, the fuel is free!

    Anyone who watched the water heater episode of Mythbusters will know what i'm talking about.

    They bypassed all of the safety features of a standard home water heater and blasted the thing through a roof and 500m into the air.

    Now that would be a spectacular way to launch a UAV! Just make sure you stand clear!

  • RC Predator JATO
  • I thought about it and I found this website
    the engine is very powerful, although some are smaller.
    the only problem I see is the legislation, because it prohibited any rocket that can be run from the ground because it is a guided missile as Sahab-3
  • Admin
    Antony ,
    I believe few of Mil UAVs did use rocket assisted launch and may still be in use, However we are UAV hobbiest and such impure thoughs are prohibited and not conductive to health of out hobby
  • I believe Estes Rockets used to sell a RC model glider/airplane that was launched with a C or D size engine to about 200 or 300 feet and you could control it from there.. I can't find the link for it though..

    That would be a simple platform to modify into an autonomous UAV using ArduPilot if you could find one.
    I dont think it would be very difficult to build you own, as Varga Andras points out with his link.

    -Mike W
  • This concept was also exploited in an episode of Prototype This! on the Discovery Channel. The purpose was to deliver an inflatable rescue device to a drowning person at sea near an unguarded beach. It was deployed when the person in distress was outside the range of a shore-based cannon that delivered a life vest balistically. Both designs performed well, although we did get to see a nice 6-footer burst to bits when it hit the ground once its UAV controller took over.
  • Developer
    What if we just use 2, Estes E-10P motors to speed up for fast ground coverage?? One for out then the other for return?? Maybe 5 seconds @ 200 mph ?? with a 1 kg UAV There are several gliders launched with this type of motor some are much larger???
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    1. There is a whole stealth thing often involved during the use of small military UAVs. The rocket part of this, as cool as it seems probabally would not be well recieved.
    2. Missile –noun
    an aerial missile, as a rocket, steered during its flight by radio signals, clockwork controls, etc.

    Governments tolerate DIY rocketry, and flat out refuse DIY missiles

    3. To answer your question, YES would be tons of fun!
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