• Thanks Randy,

        a few other questions regarding your guide:

        1) My ArduCopter.pde was renamed to ArduVTOL.pde.... also the folder containing the .pde was changed to ArduVTOL, so for the SITL purposes I changed it back to ArduCopter otherwise it won't work I think.

        2) are "./Tools/autotest/ build.ArduCopter fly.ArduCopter logs.ArduCopter --map", "./Tools/autotest/ build.ArduCopter fly.CopterAVC logs.CopterAVC --map" and "./Tools/autotest/" three equivalent options for SITL?

        3) You say "rc commands can be input through the command line" do you mean you have to type commands resembling radio input? Can I find what commands and how to use them somewhere?

        4) You say "appending --viewerip=xxx.x.x.x" to the end of the start up command... is the start up command those that I wrote in question (2)? 

        5) Can I use as alternative to command line interactivity?


        • 2) If I use one of the first two I get "OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/mnt/hgfs/buildlogs' ". before this error it says "fatal: Not a git repository ... "

        • 4) if I append it to "./Tools/autotest/" I get the message "no such option: --viewerip"

        • 3) I've found the commands for RC (through 'help'), but I have the message "rc not calibrated" ..

          6) I only see the standard flightmodes.... how can I enter a custom flightmode, I added a new flightmode in the code..

          • Developer


                 3) Try setting ARMING_CHECKING to 0 to disable all the arming checks.

                 6) You'll need to use the virtual ch5 switch.  So set the FLTMODE1 parameter to the number of the flight mode you want and then type "rc 5 1000".  if you want to use another flight mode switch position you can see the pwm range in comments above the parameter at the link provided.

            • Hi Randy,

              I was able to connect SITL to the Mission Planner via UDP.

              Now I have some questions on how to use Mission Planner with SITL:

              1) Is there a wiki that explains how to maneuver the copter ?

              2) How would I use SITL with my own customized or a beta version of a quadrocopter build ?




            • Hi Randy,

              Thanks! SITL is working, as are you solutions for ARMING_CHECK and FLTMODE :-).
              However I'm still not able to connect to MP. I'm using ./Tools/autotest/ as SITL, but apparently here I can't append "--viewerip" to the command... 

              • Developer


                     Ok, my guess is that the doesn't look fro the "--viewerip" command on the start line.  Instead you probably need to update the script itself.  At the very bottom of the script you'll see a  line like below and the bit that is highlighted should be replaced with your IP address.

       --master tcp: --sitl --out --out --out --console --map --aircraft test --quadcopter $*

                • Okay it works!

                  I've replaced the highlighted by my Ethernet Adapter VMware Network adapter VMnet8's IP address... (not VMnet1)

                  Is wind modeled in this SITL? 

                  I'm guessing sending commands from mission planner (like changing params or fly-to-here by clicking on the map) don't work?

                  Thanks Randy!

                  • Developer


                         You should be able to send commands from the MP to fly-to-here, etc.

                         Wind is also there.  if you enter a command like this it will show you the values of all the simulator-only parameters:

                    param show SIM*

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