Hi guys,

I have problem with navigation of my Skywalker x8 in AUTO mode. As you see on the picture below, the plane cant fly straight between waypoints and also makes unnecessary turnings. I am using mission planner ver. 1.3.44.

First I tought the problem is with navigation tuning and tried to change some parameters, Here are the parameters from which I started:




RLL2SRV_D 0.02

RLL2SRV_I 0.04




After that I tried to make some changes in the values but it didnt help. Do you have any idea which parameter can cause this issue? Some other parameter what I didnt change? Or could it be something else like compass error? The plane is flying well in manual and FBWA modes. I will appreciate any help!!

I also uploaded the logs to google drive, here is the link for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwtgo0Y55BmmQmQ0TldiNFZsVzA/view

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I would study your GPS signal, and all the error/noise values.  I have found that mounting the GPS high up and away from all other electronics & motors can radically improve the GPS signal, and adding a grounded copper tape insulator between the GPS and the electronics can help.  I was seeing EPH/EPV up to 3 meters, and not very nice autonomous missions, but after remounting and insulating it is always sub 1 meter, and as a result GPS tracking is much better.

Hi Mira,

Did that X8 ever flown straight? Is the Board firmly attached to the plane? may it have vibrations? Have that X8 been tuned via Autotune flight mode?

Hope we can solve this!

Your RLL2SRV_I and PTCH2SRV_I seem quite low, is this after autotune? Way back I used RLL2SRV_P = 1.4 and RLL2SRV_I = 0.3 on an X8 I tested with. NAVL1_PERIOD was 20 and NAVL1_DAMPING 0.75 with max roll at 45°

This was 60km of flight in auto:

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