Software for batch processing geotagged images

Hello DIY Drones,

I have 1000 geotagged jpeg images (using a nikon d5000) that I would like to batch process and convert so that I can view it in ESRI ArcMap  9.3. The gps information is embedded within the jpeg as an EXIF header.

Does anyone know of free software that reads the EXIF headers and converts the gps coordinates into points? I would also like to have an arrow pointing in the direction the photo was taken in. 

Any software other than Google Earth?

Please help!

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  • Thanks for the information guys. I've tried using most of the software programs you guys have listed but either they cost money to use (full license) or it does not export tables of data the way I needed it (for ArcMap). I ended up making my own script to extract the information and output as a point shape file.

    Thanks anyways!
  • could help you to batch processing images.
    EXIF - (version 4.27): allows IrfanView to show EXIF information from JPG files
  • How about "GPS Photo Link"? It generates shp file for applying on Arc software. This software allows you 10 times free and you may ask for extending the licence for evaluation.
  • GeoRover does that automatically, might want to look into that however it isn't free :( But I do know that whatever can be done in "GeoRover" can also be done in ArcMap only 1000 times more difficult. GeoRover is just a tool that makes ArcMap easy to use.

    I would really like to know if these images were taken looking directly down from a UAV or in FPV mode (because you were asking for an arrow showing the orentation of the camera). I know all the different software programs that can plot that out for you on a map but none of them are free though :(

    eitherway GeoRover is your best bet if you plan on doing this stuff a lot using ArcMap
  • TenzinR,
    send me some photo's and i will see what i can do.
    Grtz Bart
  • Do you just want to extract the GPS coordinates as a point feature? Or do you want to try to georeference the jpegs for viewing directly in ArcView?

    The former is relatively straightforward... extract the GPS coordinates of the photo series, add the heading as an attribute (extrapolating from the other positions in the series if the GPS heading isn't in the EXIF), and export to a shapefile. I'd do it as a shell script with exif and OGR doing the heavy lifting, but that's not exactly userfriendly if you aren't familiar with command-line software.

    You might try . I've not used it myself, but once you get the coordinates and filename into a CSV you can do some simple geoprocessing inside Arcview to create your point feature class.

    For the latter, you need to calibrate the camera / lens system, use a DEM to correct for terrain displacement, and have a highly accurate IMU for good georeferencing (a few degrees of pitch and roll can make a big difference in the photo footprint, depending on your optics). Doable, but not simple. GRASS GIS would be the place to start on that sort of project... Arcview can orthorectify photos with a DEM and RPCs,but I'm not sure offhand how you'd go about generating a set of RPCs for an arbitrary digital camera.
    EXIF meta data to CSV
    This is a simple program that extracts selected data from the EXIF Meta Data.
  • anyone?
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