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Tommy replied to Triump's discussion Sony RX100 iii/IV or DJI phantom 3 pro for aerial photography
"It seems the stacked CMOS of Sony RX100IV has some adverse effects in the photogrammetric post processing.  Any bro. has the same experience? "
Jan 4, 2016
Tommy commented on Workswell's blog post Aerial thermal environmental monitoring with drone
"Dear JP,
Do you know any successful case of using thermal IR for probing the health of the trees or vegetation? I intend to buy one set of ebee equipped with thermal camera later.
Many thanks for your advice in advance. "
Jul 29, 2015
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Mar 28, 2015
Tommy posted photos
May 1, 2013
Tommy posted a discussion
I use Arduino to upload program to ArduPilot.  Could soemone advise me how to download the program from ArduPilot?  I want to know the existing setting of my  ArduPilot for PID adjustment .  Thanks.
Nov 10, 2011
Tommy commented on Peter Bell's blog post German Multicopter Lifts Human Pilot
"Awesome!  We can fly to school and office later! "
Nov 7, 2011
Tommy commented on James masterman's blog post Mapping with Ardupilot
"Very good job!"
Nov 7, 2011
Tommy replied to Mark Willis's discussion Making Digital Elevations Models (DEM) on the cheap
"Hi Mark,
Many thanks your great works of using kite for aerial survey and archaeology.  I am also want to apply this technique to preserve the old military sites, relics and bunkers of World War II.  I am able to take aerial photos by UAV and…"
Dec 18, 2010
Tommy posted a discussion
Hi, I tested my ArduPilot today.   My Clouds Fly is controlled by Elevator and Aileron with no Rudder. Stablize,  FLY by Wire and RTL modes were all in good order.  Then I uploaded a simple route for Auto mode as here:  However, it could not fly in…
Nov 20, 2010
Tommy commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduIMU 1.8 released--supports APM libraries, new MediaTek
"Thanks Happy!"
Oct 16, 2010
Tommy commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduIMU 1.8 released--supports APM libraries, new MediaTek
"Hi Happy,

Where could I set the output rate of GPS? I am not sure whether my MTK GPS has 4 Hz output or not."
Oct 16, 2010
Tommy commented on Darren Ng's photo
"My idol! 詠春 Master."
Oct 10, 2010
Tommy posted a discussion
Hi, recently I did ground test by holding my ArduPilot, ArduIMU+, MTK GPS(NMEA setting) and XBee in hand and walking around.  I found that everything displayed well on ArduPilot GCS, except when I turn myself clockwise or vice versa.  Course data…
Sep 23, 2010
Tommy posted a discussion
Hi, I have a netbook of resolution 1024x600 with Windows 7.  Comparing with my desktop, I cannot scroll down the window of GCS to view the battery level and throttle value.  Would somone advise me how to make the window of GCS smaller on netbook for…
Sep 21, 2010
Tommy replied to Tommy's discussion ArduPilot 2_7_1 Test Program for IMU does not work
"ArduPilot 2_7_1 Test Program 6 for IMU wihout connecting IMU, then serial monitor shows:

After connecting IMU:"
Sep 16, 2010
Tommy posted a discussion
Hi, I am a novice of Ardu Project.  I got a MediaTek GPS, a ArduIMU+ with  ArduPilot(red). My GPS and IMU work well in miniGPS Test and ArduIMUTest respectively.  But I failed to do Test Program 6.   Test 6  But after removing the IMU, it…
Sep 7, 2010