This is a thread to submit ArduCopter configuration files (PID settings) for common airframes. Once they are reviewed, they will be placed in the manual here so that others may use them.

Along with your config file (saved from the Mission Planner), please list:

  • Frame type (quad, hexa, etc)
  • Manufacturer
  • Orientation (x or +, if relevant)
  • Motors
  • Props
  • APM 1 or 2
  • Any useful notes on performance or flying tips

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Gaui 330X Quad APM2 in X config:

Factory Motors (1050Kv) and factory props (8 inch), 2200mAh 3S mounted below

Flight Weight: approx. 600g, Time: 14-18 mins

Stab P: 8.3 (8.5 for aggressive)

Rate P: 0.19 (2.0 for aggressive)

Others default (need to find time for more testing, but defaults do ok for Loiter, Auto, Baro Alt Hold)

Nice Oliver!

Now, if we can just get a few more here!

Hey Jani, how about posting some good hexa PID's.

I'll try to do one here as well as soon as I can stop crashing it into the ground from wobbling.

Nice this is exactly "what we who are newbish" or flying new configurations needed, might save people a few bucks on propellers:). I think most can tweak the fine PID settings a little, but need a good flyable  benchmark to start wth. Can we post requests for frames configurations here as well here too?


Yes it would be good! Give us a great place to start comparing settings etc... and it would also help to teach some about the coding itself. I have a Jdrones Hexa Heavy lift model, support is nil, which is fine, just need a good starting point instead of going to 80 different threads about using different model's instructions and trying to interpolate what you should do. Being grumpy doesn't help, but sometimes the best course of action is to try another platform that has more support first, and then, if it's worth it come back to this setup.

@Jason--> Support is nil, you mean on APM 2 board with regards to settings or in general?? 

No Ian... on certain models, yet some of us are still unlucky enough to have APM 2 =)

But this most likely isn't the forum for that, just a comment on my experience thus far.

i am working on the 3dr hexa

What version APM are you using?

i have APM 1, GPS, Magnetmeter, Sonar, XBee, Mini OSD, 30Amp ESC, 880Kv motors,12x45 props

ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Diversity  Receiver, ImmersionRC Long Range Transmitter,5.8GHz Cloverleaf Antenna, 5.8GHz Skew Planar Wheel Antenna, 7dBi Circular Polarised Panel Antenna for 5.8GHz

so far and adding a Gimble

i hope to run it from 3s battreys

Tricopter running 2.5.5

DIY but similar to design, 1.8 to 2.3 lbs flying weight, 18" arms, 3s battery

DT750 motors

Gemfan 11x4.7 props (from Hobbyking), front are counter rotating


Loiter, Nav is NOT tuned but Alt Hold, roll, pitch, and yaw are.  The yaw is not perfect but it is the best I could get it after lots of fiddling.  The Yaw D does not work on a tri, in 2.5.5, it causes instability so until that gets fixed we are stuck with mediocre yaw performance.


I have very similar setup. Same 880kv motors and 12x4.5 props. What PIDs did you have to change to make up for the difference from the normal  3DR 850kv 10" props? I saw to reduce the Rate_P to .90 or so. Just curious what else you had to change... Thanks.

X550 frame with the purple DIYdrones motors works pretty well in X config using the default PIDs though altitude hold needs some work. 

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