Suggestion for a GoProHero3 gimbal

Hi everyone,

I would like a cheap GoProHero3 gimbal, at the moment I found these three:

The second one is lighter than the others but I found bad review of it, the first one is the most expensive and still heavy but I found good reviews, the third one is very heavy but very cheap...

Any suggestion?



P. S.: I have a APM quadcopter, not a DJI! Maybe the gimbal is not compatible with APM? Does it need external input for the gyro?

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  • Too late for the GLB, I have ordered the tarot one. It should arrive in 2-3 weeks, I will keep you updated about it as soon as I test it :)

    • I also have the tarot one, it works very well.

  • reach in push the button and press on they camera or gimbal. you will feel it give way! hold it in any angle or position you wish. wait till you feel it initialize. the gyro will now say that spot is null.
    • I am talking about perfect mechanical balance not expecting the brain to fight offset weight.

      with brushless gimbals perfect centre of gravity is king

  • stuart...if you are looking at it from the front. there is a button you can reach in between the plates and push. this will allow you to reset the position of the gimbal without balancing it!
  • I have the goodluckbuy one, needed balancing a bit with a couple of coins, but works quite well for the money.

  • I just bought the GLB gimbal on eBay in black. I attached it to my DJI F450 via a second bottom plate. I just secured one plate to the other via four screws and some washers and red locktight. I also bought the Multifunction landing gear off eBay and attached the gimbal to it. Put the landing gear attached to the bottom plate and the gimbal attached to the landing gear. There is a spot in the back to hold my 4s and I power the gimbal with a 3s up front. The weight is a bit up there in all....don't know how much total. But with stock motors at 920kv and 8x4.5MR props it gets off the ground and hovers at almost 3/4th throttle. I have 800kv motors coming Monday and 10x4.5MR props in hand which will help lower the hover threshold. From that point if I need more power I will go up to 11" props.

    As far as the GoodLuckBuy gimbal. It runs a Martinez board. You can set it at different angles facing any way you want within the range of motion, and it will hold that spot. It doesn't make that high pitch whine. It moves smooth and fast when needed. I have rocked the quad all over and it did fairly well. I have yet to go out and fly it other than a hover. and the camera was not on. But so far promising and it is better than having the GoPro hard mounted to the frame.

  • The issue isn't just weight and cost, but also quality.  I have tried a few chinese versions for my old GoPro2 cameras and found them to be fair in function although a bit heavy in material design.  I also found that the controller board was the biggest pain for me when I adjusted the power inputs to the gimbal system.  The range of voltage typically is from 7.4 v to 14.8v to the controller and gimbals.  Depending on what power you push to it, you may have to make controller adjustments to optimize the gimbal needs or you will find that the gimbal will either be jerky from to much power or unstablized due to little power via the controller.

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      So in the end did you buy an expensive one?

      • I bought the Tarot 2D with an adjustable voltage regulator.  I calibrated the regulator to 9 volts output and tweaked the gimbal control board to work with 9 volts.  Reason I ran this setup is for a number of reasons, but mainly I use either a 3S or mostly a 4S battery.  The 4S battery peak power (16.5v) would have fried the setup as it's max input power is 14.8 v.  I set it 9v to ensure if I did fly my mulitcopter with a 3S that I would never under power the gimbal system before I had to land.

        Example of a voltage regulator/step-down board


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