"Third-person view" multirotor

Hi all, I had an idea the other day.

In my experience, flying FPV has always been so difficult to control and judge where you have to be in order to not run into stuff and to determine changes in altitude. OSDs help some, but it's still difficult to judge how much the change in roll/pitch will actually effect the flight of the drone. Some people are insanely good at it, but I'm not.

But, whenever I fly a heli in Battlefield or Halo, it's so easy! Of course, they are perfectly stable and the field of view is often higher, and you get a much slower response time so you have more time to think about where you're going, but there's another factor that I'm interested in: The third-person view. This lets you see your whole aircraft in relation to its surroundings, rather than just he nose or bottom of it, so you can easily see when it's changing direction.

It would just take mounting the camera on a post somewhere behind the drone to accomplish this. Of course, photography would be a lot less pretty with the aircraft in full view, but for FPV flying it seems like it would help a lot. Has anyone tried this? I'm going to try setting something up soon for tests, just to see how it goes. Also, it could take the video tx a lot further away from the radio rx or any other radio-transmitting or receiving devices are on the aircraft. 

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Has it been done? 

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  • I like the idea Luis

    I have been thinking on it myself. Installing the FPV cam on a mast in the rear part of the copter looking ahead. For situational awareness is just great

    • Like this:


      There are more videos on the UTube link.

      • Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. It looks really interesting, but I can't really tell if it'd be a whole lot easier to fly just from the video... I've still gotta set it up myself, but my project quad is out of commission for a little bit

  • Sounds like cockpit flying, yup thats my kind of flight.  I also include 3rd person view too of the whole airframe hehehehe..

    Here my video channel, take your pick: https://www.youtube.com/user/3dxl/videos

  • It would require a gimbal to see your aircraft's attitude changes relative to the horizon.
    It would make an interesting video.
    • People mount cameras on vertical surface on planes tail. It gives very different view to the flight . You can easy find examples on YouTube.
    • True. I suppose, for the best perspective, the camera would be attached to some kind of post, and the post would be mounted somehow to the gimbal, so that the post is always upright...seems difficult..

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