This is the Best FPV System for Ardupilot

I have done many hours of surfing the web to find a video transmission system that is

A: Not 900mhz or 2.4ghz so it will not interfere with Xbee or my Futaba 6ex Radio

B: Long Range, 3-4 miles

C: Under 140g (save weight for batteries)

D: Good Quality (many other video systems are crap such as hobbyking and fox)

E: Under $230

Here is the list

From Birds Eye View

LawMate 1.2G 1000mw Tx&Rx combo [LawMate 1.2G 1000mw Tx&Rx ...
BEV-1.3GHz Patch antenna [BEV-1.3GHz Patch antenna] - $29.99USD
BEV- high sensitivity microphone for FPV [BEV-microphone] - $3.99USD

From Ready Made

Transmitter Cable [CABLE-TXSM] - $17.99
Rhino 610mAh 3S 11.1v 20C Lipoly Pack [R610-20-3] - $12.99
Camera Cable (3-wire) [CABLE-CAM3] - $8.49

From Diy Drones Store

Camera 640x480 $30

Note.......I have tested my stock Futaba 6ex 2.4ghz out to 1.75 miles with no problems,
but it probably can not match the video range. But as a general rule Futaba transmitters are twice the range of Spektrum ones.

I hope this can save other people from searching the internet for hours on end for the best deal.

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  • What about a UHF radio or 72mhz?
    This will free up the 2.4 band for semi-legal video... at least it would be on the right band ;)
    10mw 2.4 works quite good too IMO...
  • Question about this... Is it true that the higher the frequency the faster it drains the battery? for example I will keep the numbers small for easy math:

    Given a 1000Mah battery


    900Mhz @ 100Mw power = A hours battery life
    1.2Ghz @ 100Mw power = B hours battery life
    2.4Ghz @ 100Mw power = C hours battery life
    3.4Ghz @ 100Mw power = D hours battery life
    5.8Ghz @ 100Mw power = E hours battery life

    or will they all be the same because thy are all outputting the same "100Mw" power raiting? How do these transmitters work?

    thanks for your responses in advance :)

  • Hi, keep in mind that 1.2 is in the gps range... The best I have used was a 1.5watt 1.5GHz setup which cost $80. From the same place I bought a chinese "webbie" to record on the plane in HD and pal to my screen on the ground. No more vidz with the bad signal on it.. Anyway, with the 1.5 I've never flown out of range, scared my radio will go after 3km.. Just my 2c
  • I just order all the items you listed. Thanks for doing the research Keegan. I ended up going with this camera instead because if you spend over $200 at bevrc, you get free shipping (which would have been $25).
  • Birds Eye View Rc ships from the us and that was my 4th point! I gurantee that you don't have to have a technicians license to operate it and the bob tx rx is crap!!!!! Trust me after hours of surfing and reading this is the best system.
  • I can get the FOX 1.5W 1.2G TX/RX for $125 shipped if anyone is interested (since they stopped selling them on best offer)...
  • 1) Birds Eye View is a Chinese company not US
    2) 1.2 GHz band is emergency services/law enforcement frequency band in the US except for the 1280 MHz channel
    3) Requires an FCC Technicians license to run in the US at that output level
    4) the patch antenna is really a 1.2 GHz not a 1.3 GHz antenna but it does work at 1280 MHz
    other than that you got it
  • Moderator
    Another cheaper 700mW option for tx/rx:

    I've had good success with it but haven't tried much range however there's a long thread on RcGroups here:, some have flown very long distance...
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