i have problem with my image which is blur problem. my camera (canon sx260 hs) setting is f-stop f/4, exposure time 1/1000 sec, ISO speed ISO-200, exposure bias 0 step, focal length 9mm, max aperture 4 and metering mode is pattern. my flying height about 300m and uav cruise speed 12 m/s. average airspeed 10- 18. how to get sharp image?. i hope anyone can advise me. thank you

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Sounds like you have a problem with vibration on your airframe if 1/1000 is not fast enough. Make sure your prop is balanced and no bits are flapping. Your camera is inside the airframe so not buffeted by the breeze I assume?

Maybe add a picture of your setup.

maybe my prop is unbalance and make my image blur. yup..my camera inside airframe.

thank you.


Hi Nazrin,

The SX260 is a terrible camera for AP. Even with the smallest amount of vibration it is impossible to get sharp pictures. The vibrations are transferred to the lens, and the lens actually vibrates blurring the pictures.

I dropped it for a camera with a fixed lens and have never had a problem since.

hi Andreas

do you think pentax optio good for AP?


That prop looks terrible, could be your biggest source of trouble. I don't think that the Optio is a good choice. Even though it dose not have the lens moving out of the case, it will still have moving parts inside the casing to achieve the 5 X optical zoom. These I think will move when vibrations occur.

 i see..main problem is prop..thank for your advise.

Nazrin, are you joking when you send a picture of half a prop? That would tear your aircraft to pieces.

Nazrins picture for those that missed it.....

I used to use exclusively Optios, but as soon as I discovered Canon CHDK I was hooked. Turn off any auto stabilization on the camera as well.

Never fly anything with a propeller broken chipped or scuffed. If you have ever seen one let go and embed itself in a wall like wot I have you will know.

It would most certainly take an eye out.


this prop after crash. the hole at prop can make vibration or not?. actually the hole not center. do you mean canon much better than optio?

I am using SX260 annd SX280  and pictures are ok.

ISO 400, shutter 1/2000, EV 0.

Airspeed 10-12 m/s, flight level 100-200m

I will try your settings. if successful I will update you. thank you for your advice and opinion.

Also set focus to infinity and lock it. This will speed up the reset ready for the next photo.

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