Urgently Need Help! Altittude drop when in Auto Mode

Dear All..

I am in big problem right now, I have broke 3 airframe because of it. The problem is when I switch my FX79 to Auto, it goes to waypoint but the altitude goes drop from 200m and throttle seems in full power when maneuver and cannot be handled in manual again, so it hardly hit to the ground.3691181177?profile=original

I use Pixhawk with arduplane 3.2.1. The parameter used was copied from other FX79 which could fly well.

Is that hardware failure (barometer sensor or else) ? because in stabilize and manual mode the plane could flying well.

I have upgrade the PixHawk firmware to arduplane 3.2.2, when I connect to Mission Planner "Bad Gyro Health" appears..

Before i do flying test again, I need help to solve the problem, please help me....

Best Regards,


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  • Could you provide the logfiles please?

This reply was deleted.