• Yes,I have read this code.But I do not understand it very clearly.Could you tell me what is the different between the APM board and pixhawk?

      • The code is the same, it can run on APM as well

        • Is that means the VTOL code  in Pixhwak can be ran on APM as well ?

          • YEP

            • That is wonderful,I cannot waite to test it on my board.And I also can learn the code.It is really great!

              Thank you Colugo!

              • Hi, did you manage to run the software on APM ?   (I'm looking for VTOL software for my tilt-duct project - I have APM2.5)

                best regards

                • No,I haven't tested it.I am working on the code recently,you can ask Colugo,he maybe know that.

  • 3D Robotics

    We posted code for this here

  • I would like to see variable pitch props worked into this project.   The low pitch props used in hover are terribly inefficient in forward flight.  By being able to increase the prop pitch you will see the 45 min to 60 min flights and the stable hovering we all like.  I think this is an ambitious project but one that could really be a game changer.  

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