Do you think it is possible to make a VTOL mode on APM?



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Per definition its already in ArduCopter and tradheli, is it rover firmware you think about ? :)

Oh no Andre K

What I want to make is according the V-22 Osprey.The VTOL mode is to change the Arducopter to a plan.Do you get that?

It include run two srevos and change the speed of two motors.

I knew you meant arduplane, but you said APM, so I joked.
There's some work in that direction, but not in master yet.
And I doubt the code will run on APM, Pixhawk will most likely be a minimum.
In the meantime, check papparazzi project.

I have been experimenting with this and APM for some time.  The conclusions I have come to are that it will require 2 APM's or we'll just have to wait.  I am going to test fly shortly with DRIFT mode, and some servo mixing.  

I would like to see variable pitch props worked into this project.   The low pitch props used in hover are terribly inefficient in forward flight.  By being able to increase the prop pitch you will see the 45 min to 60 min flights and the stable hovering we all like.  I think this is an ambitious project but one that could really be a game changer.  

Hi Bill

If I shut down the APM when I my Arducopter to a plane ?That mean I do not use the APM when I fly my plane.Can that work?

I know Andre K

I know the flash of APM is not enough.

So plan A: I want to shut down the APM when I fly as a plane .That means there is only one algorithm in my board.

plan B:add a arduino board to my APM to help maki this through.


That will be great fun.And I am working on it .When I finish it I will share it with you. 

We posted code for this here

Yes,I have read this code.But I do not understand it very clearly.Could you tell me what is the different between the APM board and pixhawk?

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