What is this error sound coming from Pixhawk 1?

I am unable to identify what these sounds mean. 

What is disturbing is that at the end of these sounds it reboots and then ARMS ITSELF with Mission Planner reporting that it is DISARMED.

The kill switch will NOT disarm the aircraft.

I can not make this error happen, it just does.  Occasionally I will get a normal boot.

No errors show on HUD, no errors reported in logs.

Any help is welcome and appreciated!

Video is linked here.

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  • The fact remains that this error code, as it is sounded from pixhawk is either being misinterpreted or is not in the listed library of error sounds.

  • Upon recalibrating the transmitter these problems appear to have ceased.  Testing in progress.

    1. Removing the kill switch does not fix the problem

    2. Replacing the kill switch does not fix the problem

    3. This error is truly intermittent

    4. Formating the SD card has no effect

    5. Reflashing with arduplane 3.7.1 has no effect
    6. While arduplane 3.7.1 was loaded I did a RESET TO DEFAULT for the parameters, got a succesfull boot from the automatic reboot that resetting to default does
    7. Next boot of pixhawk 1 has the error sounds, so reset to default did NOT fix it
    8. Reflashed with Arducoptor 3.4.4.  Upon reboot error persists
  • The self arming only happens when this error is present.  This multirotor has more than 100 sorties.  Trying a few things, will report back.

  • The first tones are due to the coprocessor being updated, then update completes.. should be only when loaded with new firmware. As for arming, if always like that, could be configuration, anyway, you never know if it's a badly made one.
  • format the SD Card and see if your issue goes away.

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