What to do if you are not able to get your questions answered here...

I have scanned this particular forum going back to early 2013, and have seen so many worthy ideas and questions that have received little or no feedback.

My recommendation is that if you post a question here, and are not able to get the answers you need  within a week or two, go to Youtube and do some searches there. There is a lot of info there, even uncommon concepts, and real innovation. If you don't find the answers you are looking for there, you might instead find another way to do the same thing, such as an advanced google/internet search.

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I guess I need to cut-n-paste from the positive replies I reference to avoid confusion....

"Reply by Nathaniel Caner on Saturday

Unfortunately, Trolls will be Trolls. There will always be Trolls and no amount of cajoling or debating will ever change that. Every forum I have ever seen has it's share of Trolls. The best defense against the Trolls of the world is to simply ignore them. Don't feed them and they will move on. I know it's hard to ignore the disrespectful and sometimes infuriatingly ignorant behavior of Trolls, but remember to have some compassion; they are after all ugly, stupid and generally disgusting creatures universally despised by all.

Your efforts are commendable and I hope you will continue to offer support and encouragement wherever you see the need. Just remember to avoid getting dragged into the negative banter that dilutes the message your trying to make."

THANK YOU !!!  I could not ask for a better and more understanding reply. Perhaps I should follow your advice, and will try to. You state: (oops, I used all caps on "thank you" - Someone will want me to burn in hell for that, lol...

"Your efforts are commendable and I hope you will continue to offer support and encouragement", sir, that is the encouragement I really need. I have been seriously wondering if I am wasting my time, and more than once thought to give up on this, and just do my own thing for my own profit, but one positive comment like yours counters a number of nasty replies! Thank you.

I guess I need to cut-n-paste from the positive replies I reference to avoid confusion....

I agree %100. Just don't respond it's not worth the time. For wherever shortcoming this site can have from time to time it has to be one of the most polite and respectful I have used. "

Thank you.

I do not see the site itself as having any shortcommings at all, really. I think that human nature puts a priorioty on self interest, and so people post when they have a need, and may not make too much of an effort to go out of thier way to give credit to those who may find themselves 'on the back page', so-to-speak. I can say that I feel the moderators here are fair. Maybe they let things go a little too much for my personal perference regarding the negative remarks I have recieved, but by the same token, they have also allowed me to defend myself against those remarks, as futile as that may be, as has been pointed out to me.

Thanks again.


"Reply by David Anders yesterday

Bringing this back to topic...

Three very simple statements here.

1. Make sure that the idea / question hasn't already been given / asked.

2. Make sure the comment / question is posted in the correct group.

3. Ask the question privately to a person who is a SME in that area if you're still having problems."

As to #1: A valid point. What I can say is that I may not always see where an issue has already been addressed, but otherwise, I wonder that since older posts seem to 'scroll back' as someone once put it to me, that once in a while it might be good to bring a subject back to the front. fresh again ???

As to #2: Again, a valid point. I have made this mistake, I guess I could hope that in my experience elsewhere, that someone would move the post to where it should be, but maybe that is not done here. I will make an effort to do better where this is concerned in any case.

As to #3: I had not considered that, and will consider doing so.

I generally am not privately fond of "Constructive Criticism", but tolerate it - however, this reply of yours is, in fact, truly constructive, practical, and informative, and I appreciate that.

Thank you.


Oh great.  Trolling here on this fantastic forum because he got kicked out of MultiRotorForums.com for his trolls there.   A real loser."

- Excuse me ???... Once again, someone who does not have the facts, making a personal attack/insult.

FACT: I was testing that forum, to see if it would show the more negative side of forums for my friends who do not want to get involved in a forum where they would not be respected or would receive hostility.

When I tested it, I saw that the forum reacted like a nest of mad hornets at the slightest controversial remark - not just a couple negative replies, but extremely nasty and relentless attacks.

FACT: I did not get kicked out of that forum, and if you had checked your facts you would have seen that I left that forum due to all the hostility there, and made that point quite clear before I left. If anythikng transpired afterward in retaliation, thatn that was after the fact. I am not going to expose good people to such nastiness, and my friends have conlcuded that we should go in a different direction than forums, I remain on DIY Drones for my own sake, and may or may not try to get my friends to get involved here. It is their choice and not miine anyway.

In nthe mean time, you are showing yourself no better by engaging in a direct personal insult in calling me a "loser" - being as you know almost nothing about me, that remark is even more in ignorance, but I am not here to prove myself to someone who starts off with insults and a lack of facts.


"Reply by Morli yesterday

Hi J Smith,

So where are the good questions which went unanswered?... "

IO have seen a little of this, to a much lesser degree in other forums/threads/whatever but this most concerned the forum of "My Project", which seemed like an ideal forum due to my interest of promoting advanced drone design and concepts. It was pointed out to me that it might not be the most watched forum, which would explain a lot.

If you are able to check on my 'Likes', you will find most of them there, for referemnce on specific posts.

You stated:

"Secondly It is DiyD site and so every one is busy with their own questions/doubts/searches."

I think that is exactly one of the issues I raise...

More than one person has referred to this as a "Community", not just as a random term, and have written about it as being a form of community. As long as there is too much priority on mere self interest, and not joining together more in support of innovative individuals, especially those who may be beginners, but who have interesting ideas, then encouragement is lacking, whereas people could be doing so much more to advance and promote everything that this forum is here for. Maybe I hope for too much, but I would also hope that it is a worthy hope.

You stated:

"....how ever these days most new comers have no patience and want pop a answer/spoon fed straight away without having to do some research which isn't conductive to this society."

I understand, of course. But that is human nature. and in a perfect drone society, people would get what they need right away, lol.  I think it is also worth consideration, that sometimes people know for the most part what they are doing, but might get hung-up on some detail, and that for them it might be "time sensitive", and maybe they are facing having to stop in the middle of what they are doing, interrupting thier chain of thought, and having to set everything aside until they can get thier answers, or, as is also human nature, they end up going ahead and guessing at something and screwing it up. Many people I am sure have been in such a situation, so you are right, but I also feel for people in that position. Drones may not be actual "Rocket Science", but they are also not necessarily the average paper airplane, and there can be real costs involved as well as a lot of time invested.

Without any practical suggestion at hand, I can only hope that as time goes on there may be some way to deal with such things to the benefit of serious builders and pilots.

Thank you.


Reply by Lars Hansen

I have accepted/requested your friend status, and have replied on the thread concerned with some ideas for you.

Thank you for your friendly and unexpected-on (this thread lol) reply.


Reply by Doug Walmsley

"...Don't get hurt feelings if someone doesn't instantaneously reply or respond back due to missing the post,"

I was here referring to (for the second or third time) other people not getting input or recognition, not myself.

I have myself had concerns with posts going without any feedback, but it has little or nothing to do with my feelings, it has to do with the issues involved - that is where the importance is.

If I am disappointed with a lack of response, it is not about my self esteem, it is about me questioning if my time and effort are getting somewhere. If I get nowhere, I will eventually give up trying and make a better investment of my time and effort in some other way, or if nothing else will just focus on my own interests, projects, and profit. I don't want that to be the case, because I believe in the issues I raise, and in the future of private/hobby drones, as well as my concerns for that same future.

However, due to your other reply, which was a persoanl insulting attack, I have trouble having respect for this reply of yours, so if you want someone to 'listen', you can take issue against an issue, but don't engage in nasty personal insults and accusations.

@J Smith,

Just an observation to add to point #1 above. Sometimes it's a matter of unlucky timing when a user posts an issue and finds that his post quickly ends up on page 2 or 3 (or perhaps more). I find that whenever a new beta release (or stable release for that matter) comes out and there isn't yet complete documentation on the changes/new features; we see a spike in posts requesting help for "bugs" or information. Many times there are multiple posts requesting information on the same topic/issue. Many times there aren't any real "bugs" (sometimes there are :) ), but rather an inadequate understanding of the changes that have been made. Things being what they are, human nature and all, we always desire the newest of the new and this leads to issues when it comes to support. We can't change human behavior, so we are left with a situation that results in posts that sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately we as moderators and admins don't have the tools to bring worthy questions or ideas back around for another go. Although the practice of "bumping" is generally considered bad form in most forums. I would suggest in this situation a poster could either edit his original post, adding more information, and or making his point clearer; or he could delete the post altogether if he had no responses (I would not suggest deleting a post that had any responses however) and start a new post that has additional information or has been edited to make his or her point clearer.

Lastly as I have mentioned before, I believe a number of unanswered/dormant posts were eventually resolved by the user, and in that case it would be beneficial to all if the poster were to add the information to their post that solved the issue. I have seen many posts that had a final comment on the last page that read something like this:

                                   Hi, did you ever find a solution to this issue?  <insert sound of crickets>

If the original poster would respond to their own post with a solution or even no that they gave up when a new release came on or whatever, it would probably help. Anyway there are many reasons why posts can go unanswered, I believe the least of which is because people don't care about anybody but themselves or their own issues. My experience in many cases (but not all) that even the "Trolls" among us can be very helpful and courteous under most circumstances. Some people just have a lower threshold for what they consider to be slights or bull***t.

Finally one last thing, I think you will find that almost universally the use of all caps (except in rare context) in phrases or statements is considered bad form at the least and rude or in extreme cases a violation of terms of service. It must be taken in context. If the tone of someones remarks are POSITIVE and the reader is simply being shown where the emphasis is in the remark it's generally OK. It's when the posters tone is generally negative and the remarks are clearly being written in all caps to denote an emotional response such as shouting or anger that it becomes unacceptable.

I hope you find a balance and can continue to help others find the answers they seek.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY


Reply by Nathaniel Caner  @J Smith

I am not any expert on forums to say the least, and really hope not to become so, to say the least, but I was under the impression that you only had 15 minutes to edit a post once posted, and I don;t recall seeing a feature for deleting a post - as I might want to do that. Also, is it possible to edit the subject/header line of a post to change the text from caps to other?

Since you are being so helpful, one question that is very important to me is if you could tell me if there is a way to get the forum admins/moderators to support a particular effort, even if they retain complete control over it? I am referring to maybe some kind of contest for drone designs and concepts, or a contest for coming up with a set of standards and categories, such as maybe for a design for a landing pad or the paint marking/logo for one to make it universal, to stand out, and to differentiate it from a Helicopter landing zone - the big 'H'. I think doing so, and somehow ghetting the community together on the use of or reference to such things could prove valuable as at some point 'someone' might just otherwise make that decision for us, and could prove problematic of they do not have our interests at heart, or have no real knowledge of private/hobby drones. This might also involve the difference between private/hobby drones, and commercial delivery drones, which seem also to be inevitable.

I am doing what I can, regardless of the merit of such an idea, without support of some sort, may never happen otherwise, and we have a bureaucratic rude awakening some day before we realise it.

I may have spoken out of line on the abilities of the original poster to edit/delete their own content. At this point I'm so used to my moderator privileges, I may have forgotten what standard privileges are. Above the main heading do you have an drop down that says options? If you do that's where you will be able to edit/delete the discussion.

As far as competitions/design contests, that's a bit above my pay grade! I believe the contests/challenges I have seen are sponsored by third parties IE 3DR etc.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

There is just such volume of comments and questions it's really hard sometimes for each comment to get a response the first go round. I've had that happen and take no offense I know people are just busy.

I think one of the biggest things we all could do to make this site better is use the search feature! I forget it use that myself. Chances are if you have a problem other people have and it's been answered or discussed at least in part before. So to help this site be a clean and new as possible without dozens of posts of the same question see if the answer isn't already posted somewhere to begin with.  Just my 2 cents.  Happy flying!! After all that's what it's about.... having fun :] 

+1.....say hello to MR60


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