What software are people using to stitch photos together?

I am new at this, and so far have not been able to determine what software is being used or recommended.  Most of the software I find is either to do panorama's or heavy duty 3D.  I assume Agisoft works, but is expensive.

Georeferenced or not? 

Where is the GPS data coming from, camera, or autopilot-gps?


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  • Deon

    I also have for the SX260 the firmware (for intervolemeter timing)  - will it be the same for the SX100 - so don't have to purchase another set of firmware ?


    • Dave,

      The CHDK firmware is free at: http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/Downloads

    • Yes - i know this link - but MAXMAX has added some special macros for NDVI


    • The macros from MaxMax are scripts that plug into a free software called ImageJ. It is very limited, and takes a LOOOOOOOOOONG time to process images.

  • Deon,

    Thanks for the through reply,

    I have AgpIxel and Agisoft.

    Is the Canon SX100-Converted from MAXMAX (Dan) ?

    How is it compared with the SX260 converted from MAXMAX ?

    Which plane are you using ? I have a Skywalker - will the Sony NEX-5 fit into it ?

    I need all data with GPS to Georeferencing.

    I tried the ,<CTRL>. F in Mission Planner - but not sure about its accuracy - Do you have experience with it ?


  • Hi

    I have a tetracam ADC lite, and I'm considering to use a transformed camera to do NDVI as well.

    With the tetracam, it's important to calibrate the pictures with a white teflon to correctly compute ndvi, but how does it work with the pictures from the transformed camera ? no calibration ?

  • I'm wondering if hugin couldn't be used for that purpose, if you have overlapping pictures. 

    It would be completely free.

    It won't be geo-referenced, but could be useful for detecting damage in a field, given that there's enough features to match the photos up. 

    I'm willing to try it, if somebody sends me some sample pictures!

  • Does anyone know of a free version of Agisoft? 

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