Commercial use of drones in farms and other agriculture

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  • Oops, sorry I meant a Spade, which is a scaled up a coincidentally 70" wingspan.



    Yikes that's quite the mark up or quite the great promotional offer.

  • It's more of a scaled up Z3.

  • Is that a ritewing zephyr? I swear that is the exact design. I hope Chris at Ritewing is involved in that company, he designed an incredible airframe, those bays and choro design are his signature, i'd recognize it anywhere! 

  • RoboFlight RF-70 70" EPP 2.0 Kit Promotional Offer - $850 US Dollars (Also have a few Ready To Fly units. Inquire privately)

    ***Please email if interested



    $850 US Dollars

    Please message me for more details if interested. This can be launched via bungee cable and hook even with full payload. EPP 2.0 is much more durable than traditional UAV foam options.

    Highlight Video:

    EPP Density Explained:

    RF-70 Flying Wing: Performance – Specifications

    Maximum at Sea Level 55 knots
    Cruise 35 knots
    RATE OF CLIMB 800 feet per minute
    SERVICE CEILING 10,000 feet MSL / 400 feet AGL
    STALL SPEED 10 knots
    MAXIMUM WEIGHT 13 pounds
    MAXIMUM USEFUL LOAD 6.5 pounds
    WING LOADING 2.14 ounces/ft²
    BATTERY VOLTAGE 14.8 volts / 4S
    RECOMMENDED MOTOR Hyperion ZS 3025 8-Turn 970 KV brushless outrunner
    PROPELLER 12” X 8”


    2.0 Density Expanded Polypropylene (EPP 2.0 Density) foam
    Designed and Manufactured in the US

    Front Bay: L 13” x W 5” x H 3”
    Rear Bay: L 12.5” x W 5” x H 3.5”
    Side Bays: L 7” x W 3.75” x H 1.5”

    3D Robotics PixHawk
    Designed and manufactured in the US

    Number of engines: 1
    Engine Manufacturer: Hyperion
    Engine Model Number: ZS3025B-08
    Engine Type: Electric Brushless Outrunner

    Manufacturer: Castle Creations
    Max Continuous Current: 75 Amps
    Designed and manufactured in the US

    Manufacturer: Advanced Precision Composites
    Propeller Model Number: APC12080E
    Number of Blades: 2
    Propeller Diameter: 12 inches
    Propeller Type: Fixed Pitch
    Propeller Material: Molded Nylon
    Designed and manufactured in the US

    Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
    Battery Capacity: 10,000 mAh
    Battery Voltage: 14.8 volts
    Battery Cells: 4 cells in series

    Maximum Weight: 13 pounds
    Empty Weight: 6.5 pounds

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    Thanks Shaun. That's what I was trying to do this morning, but it didn't seem very intuitive to me. I was in a hurry, though .I'll try again when I get back home.
  • Yes, but don't bother with more than 3.  Adding more questionable points isn't going to help. 

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    I was just planning on using the GPS data from Google earth and adding it to the mosaic, if possible. Doesn't need to be super accurate, just enough to properly orient the results.

    Do you just select a point in the raycloud and add the GPS data (7 times), and then re optimise?
  • How accurate?  If accuracy isn't that important, just take out a hand held gps and mark at lest three points you can see in the point cloud.  Then import those to GCP's.

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    2 pix4d questions - 

    1. Is it possible to georeference a project after stitching, but still within Pix4d? I haven't seen any options other than adding GCPs in the raycloud editor and then re optimizing. Really, I'd just like to turn the ortho .tiff into a .geotiff.

    2. The only option I see to export a shapefile is within the index calculator. When using RGB imagery, I don't see the option to export a shapefile without creating a false color map. Is this because the project I'm working in is not georeferenced? 

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