Connect mobile how to?

Hi!I have a galaxy s2 with android 4.1.2. I also have the otg cable you suggest. I connect it to APM 2.5 with no battery supply and nothing happens. What is the proper way to connect it? I have different power supplies for apm and inputs and for outputs.( apm jumper removed ) should I connect batteries as normal and then connect my phone to OTG adapter and this to APM usb ?? I don't want to fry anything....Thanks!

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  • hallo
    I have galaxy s3 android 4.1.2. connected to APM1.4 with ACM 3.0 loaded using OTG cable
    APM works - LEDs are blinking but Andropilot can't connect to.
    when connecting with mission planner via standard USB cable everything works
    what i'm doing wrong?
    it's frustrating while i want set ACM at the field, don't want
    to bear laptop on the field with me.
  • I've just tried to get my 3dr radio connected to my Galaxy S2 using an ebay OTG cable, but doesn't look like it gets any power. Got 2 cables and both the same problem. I pulled the connectors apart, and when I measure the +5v and gnd wires at the micro USB end while plugged into the phone, I get no voltage. Maybe it's my phone?

  • I got a Samsung S2 today and everything works great.


  • What happen if I have minimOSD? It says in its wiki not to connect power and USB at the same time. Is this just for APM 2? Mine is2.5 .

    For sure i need an external power supply because it does not power up just with the phone connection alone ( however it does power up with cable alone when I connect the usb to the PC )
  • Developer

    Just use normal USB cable to connect between OTG adapter and APM. APM will get it's power from OTG cable and as they both are 5V systems so no need to worry.

  • Assak,

    There is no problem to connect APM's battery and OTG cable. If you are worried, make this try: power on APM with its battery and connect an ordinary USB cable in you PC or Notebook. You will see that APM will make things working well.


  • In my trials I have plain APM 1 with shield and GPS, no RC stuff connected. 

    I need change from Andropilot settings Wireless baud rate to 115200.

    I need to start Andropilot, then connect usb cable with OTG first to APM then to phone (s2).

    Parameters/Waypoints don't work for me.

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