Airspeed calibration

Hi all,

I have done de Auto calibration for the airspeed sensor on a Skywalker and the resulting value for the Ratio was 4.

I read the normal value should be between 1.5 and 3. Do you think i would have problems with that Ratio value?


I did the calibration 2 times with the same result.



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  • Thanks Bruce and Andrew.

    I tried with another speed sensor and the results were the same. A value of 4 with Autocal.

    Now I'm waiting a new pitot tube to try. 

  • Developer

    the mounting position can cause some error, but I very much doubt it would be that much. I suspect you have one of the following issues:

    • a leak in the join between the concentric tubes of the pitot. You need to cover the read end and blow into the front, and see if any air leaks. If it does then you need to reseal it
    • a bad seal with the joining tubes or a pinhole in the joining tubes, or a kinked tube

    I would not recommend flying with a calibration value of 4. Better to just disable the sensor.

  • Mounted too close to the blunt nose, it's getting back pressure into the vacuum ports.
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