APM torque control

Today i crashed when testing the APM when my plane took a left turn 180degree waypoint in tail wind it went into left spin and could not recover. what i think is the torque of motor and large 20.5x14 prop caused can any one tell dose AMP cater for torque in left turn or not why rudder servo gain is set to zero in default parameter if i will increase the rudder servo gain will it solve the problem can we limit the left / right roll independently in APM , Today crash was total loss of electronics and bird. Please give suggestions. 

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  • i think the plane wasn't tuned properly .How many flights have you done in Auto mode ,or was this a first time setup ? also in my case the Skywalker parameters didn't work with my Skywalker ,and i had to do allot of adjusting to get it to fly without over correcting itself.

    I dont think motor torque had anything to do with it when the tuning is right you could throw a rock at it and it would recover

    Also when you are testing make sure you have enough altitude for a couple of mistakes so you can switch back to Manual mode fast.

  • hi rehan, yes the APM does cares for roll because of any reason. you should first trim the model for roll using aileron trim in manual mode. once the model is trimmed for roll then only change to auto mode. in auto mode stabilize mode is always on so the model will keep correcting for roll caused because of propeller torque. happy landings!

  • It might have also been the change in relative wind during the turn, particularly if you were near stall speed.  My condolences for your bird, bummer.  

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