Auto Take off with Flex / kite wing

I want to do auto take off from kite wing but problem is when i give throttle at take off i have to hold down elevator to maintain climb angle other wise it will stall or loop at take off how to handle this in APM.



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  • Not sure what plane you are referring to. Do you have a picture?

    From the information you give it seems that the thrust line of your motor is wrong. You may have to adjust it depending on how it is configured. If it is a puller (in the nose), it may have to much upthrust and you will have to apply downthrust to have it pull up the nose when throttling. If it is a pusher it will need to add upthrust. RC modelers often do these adjustments by putting washers between the firewall and the motor mount above or below.

    Never trim or tune the flight characteristics of your plane via the APM. You should be able to fly your plane normally as a regular RC model, preferably with the transmitter trims neutral before using APM.


    Björn Geir

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