Auto_tune softening once tuned ?

Hi guys,

Having good success with AdruPlane V3.1.2beta1 loaded on my HK Falcon flying wing. Did a couple of tunes today, then tested fbwa, stabilise, and a short auto mission with no major problems.

What I do wonder about though is how auto_tune functions in regard to increasing or decreasing the Autotune_level parameter and then repeating the autotuning flight. Does decreasing the tune level parameter and doing a retune result in a softer tune, or once peaked up by a previous tune do the PID's not drop back again ?

The reason I ask is that I did a tune today on level 7 initially, and got a reasonable tune I thought, then later in the day I set the tune level to 10 and retuned to see how that went as well.

The result was good at cruising speeds, but I discovered that in slower gliding that the plane oscillated in pitch and roll.I'm not sure if the level 7 tune did that but I think it didn't.

I'm planning to retune at level 8 and see how that behaves, unless anybody suggests that is not going to help me...


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  • I retuned today on level 7, then after still seeing some fluttery oscillations at low speeds (not at high speeds it seems) I did another on tuning level 6. That was slightly better, but still not free of small amounts of oscillation at low speeds when induced with a pitch or roll 'bump' on the sticks.

    I could try level 5 but I feel like it's getting soft in stick response in FBWA as well.

  • Developer

    The tuning values will drop back when you re-tune at a lower level.

    Very few aircraft can handle a level 10 tune. Not surprising that you got oscillation.

    Dropping to level 7 and re-tuning should fix it.

    • OK, thanks Mr Tridgell, I hoped that it worked that way. I'll repeat a softer tune next flight.

      I think it was worth me pushing to level 10 to see what happened, if it's so easy fixed :)

    • Developer

      if you want to be really daring there is actually a level 11, although I don't think anyone has tried it. Very likely the plane will become unstable.

      If you do try it please send a log :-)

    • Daring and unstable, I'm that kind of pilot. Give me a day or two to try it :-)

      PS. I'm having trouble getting airspeed and baro info in my logs. Mission planner shows both work, but nothing in the dataflash logs...

      It seems like a bug but I'm thinking it's really my fault somehow.

    • Definitely agree to that. :)

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