Cabling for FPV

I have this

and this


The cables that came with them are broken.

Can anyone tell me what the connector types are on these – I know that they are both different.

I want to buy the connector typeA(whatever it is) to RCA for audio video male + power male for one

I want to buy the connector typeB(whatever it is) to RCA for audio video female + power male for one

Any help or links appreciated.

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  • Hello,

    the 1.2 ghz tx has a female JST connector. Be careful to choose the Right corresponding male plug:

    the female port on the TX is very fragile, I would recommend gluing it down.

    Also I would not recommend you use RCA male+female simply because its big and heavy and it will put stress on before mentioned fragile female port, rather I would solder it to a standard servo extension connector, use heatshrink.

    • looks terrible in some parts, but that's only because it's an example...


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