• Now I guess one "pro" drone pilot charging for drone services may want another look than a 50 bucks Bixler.

    Those shapes may impress uneducated customers.

  • Very interesting indeed! Thanks! May I ask you, if possible, for multicopter; is C.G. well below the horizontal propeller plane a bad thing?

    These are some references I have read from here --

  • This is the most accurate explanation thus far.

    In reality, there is little, to no benefit of the two foamies. The most benefit is gained from an unobstructed view, as well as the coupled efficiency of tractor propulsion and minimal wing/fuselage interference. 

    The other benefit would be naturally stability. In la-mens terms, the lower CG helps counter any type of external induced roll. This can be more beneficial than extreme amounts of dihedral which an add odd roll coupling. However, if being used as a 3ch aircraft, extreme polyhedral and/or dihedral will be beneficial. Now with any type of rudder control will result in slight roll coupling, eliminating the need for ailerons. (IE, Easier to control, faster training for soldiers, easier AP's, etc...)

  • Richard,

    Wow, very interesting indeed !

    I am actually in the process of opening a drone plane school (for aerial photography / photogrammetry), and I intend to only teach to absolute beginners to fly on 3 channels (no ailerons) for a faster success / economic reasons. I have been looking for the best plane in the market to do just that.

    If I understood what you wrote, I should indeed go for those RQ 11-like planes (Di-hedral and low CG).

    But as you also mentionned, the sway effect may then be an obstacle for beginners. Hmmm.

    Do those planes (CG and ACL apart from each other) have a worse or better or same behaviour toward stronger winds and gusts ?

  • the first one is not new.

  • I think it may be a modular design, a "divide and conquer" approach. UAV frame and propulsion simplified, then payload is an extension connected in a fancy way. A extremely low center of gravity ensure stability. CoG is so far from wings, ailerons must be huge to beat such a inertial moment to roll rotation. For sure this model is pretty stable.
    I agree that pull propellers are more efficient than pushers because incoming air stream is pure.



  • The theory is that tractor propellers are more efficient so they are creating designs that still keep the propeller out of the FPV camera. I think it's a bit of a fad now too.
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